How to Easily Swap Out Primal Complete Formulas

How to Easily Swap Out Primal Complete Formulas How to Easily Swap Out Primal Complete Formulas
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At Primal, we make it a priority to provide you with high-quality, biologically-appropriate fresh foods for your dogs and cats. At the same time, we also think it’s important to keep your pets excited about their mealtime, which is why we offer a variety of flavors and feeding formats for both species. Adding variety helps ensure that your dog or cat is dining on something delicious and nutritious, even if you’re short on time or the local store is missing their favorite formula.

Primal feeding formats are designed to make serving raw whole foods easy and attainable, made possible by the versatility of our Raw Frozen Nuggets and Patties, our quick-thaw Pronto, and our shelf-stable Freeze-Dried Nuggets. Each formula is crafted by Primal to provide complete and balanced nutrition. 

The only difference? How you prepare & serve it!

The Benefits of Each Primal Serving Format

Preparation & Serving

Primal Frozen Nuggets & Patties

To prepare our Raw Frozen Nuggets or Patties, first place a portion of nuggets or patties in a sealable, food-safe container and leave in the refrigerator to thaw completely. Once thaw, the foods will remain fresh for 3-5 days and should be served in a stainless steel bowl.

Primal Frozen Pronto

Our Primal Pronto formulas are designed for speedier preparation, which is why its small pellets will thaw out in a matter of minutes. To prepare, simply scoop and serve your pet’s portion of Pronto into their dish and wait for it to reach room temperature. 

Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets

Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets require no freezing or refrigeration, making them the ultimate solution for quick, on-the-go feedings or easy everyday meals. Simply crumble into your pet’s bowl and add moisture—water, Bone Broth, or Goat Milk!

See our instructional videos and detailed feeding directions here

Working Examples of a Simple Swap

If your dog or cat eats Primal Freeze-Dried Formula, you might be looking to make a switch to our Raw Frozen Formula to save money, or to introduce additional moisture. Simply thaw in the refrigerator overnight and feed the same portion as the Freeze-Dried you’re replacing.

Or maybe you’re already a Raw Frozen customer and need something more portable for a family vacation or outdoor adventure. No problem! Just check the back of your Primal Freeze-Dried Formula bag for portion size, then add a little moisture, such as Bone Broth, Goat Milk, or warm water to rehydrate your nuggets. It’s that easy!

Lastly, if your local pet food store is ever out of a preferred product like Primal Pronto but you want to make sure your pet gets the Primal Beef Formula they love, all is not lost. Simply choose another Complete Formula format like Nuggets or Patties and check out the Feeding Calculator to determine the recommended portion.