NEW Gently Cooked Recipes for Dogs & Cats

NEW Gently Cooked Recipes for Dogs & Cats NEW Gently Cooked Recipes for Dogs & Cats
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Introducing Gently Cooked: our latest Primal recipes that are a great way to serve fresh food to your pet. Gently Cooked recipes are cooked sous vide style to retain moisture and maintain nutrients. Every recipe is crafted to provide whole-food nutrition with ethically sourced proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, and no synthetic vitamins or minerals.

Want to make a change to your pet’s diet with tailored nutrition? Learn more about our unique recipes below.

What Does Sous Vide Mean?

Sous vide, literally translated to “under a vacuum,” is a style of cooking where foods are cooked at a low temperature, slowly & precisely. This low & slow cooking method allows Gently Cooked recipes to retain moisture and maintain the bioavailability of nutrients more effectively than traditional high-heat processing. 

Why Choose Primal Gently Cooked?

Our Gently Cooked recipes make it easy to add fresh, whole-food nutrition to your pet’s diet. 

Superior Digestibility

By using the sous vide cooking style, Gently Cooked offers pets superior digestibility by allowing for increased absorption of nutrients. You can feel confident that our Gently Cooked recipes will fuel your pet with all the whole food nutrition they need to thrive.

Whole Food Nutrition

All Primal recipes, including Gently Cooked, are thoughtfully crafted in the USA with responsibly-sourced proteins & organic produce. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to provide your pet with whole-food nutrition without the use of synthetic supplements. 

For more information about our ingredients & sourcing, check out our Ingredients page.

Easy Serving

Gently Cooked is packaged and individually portioned in easy-to-open, ready-to-serve pouches to simplify mealtime. Keep in your freezer and thaw in the refrigerator prior to serving. 

Gently Cooked Food for Dogs

We offer adult recipes in the following formulas:

Our Variety Pack is also available, which includes an assortment of each of our recipes. Our adult recipes are complete & balanced with whole foods and can be served as a delicious fresh meal or topper. 

Great Fresh Food for Puppies

Our Gently Cooked recipe for puppies provides the tailored nutrition your pup needs to grow into a strong, healthy adult dog. 

The Chicken & Salmon Recipe for Puppies is complete & balanced with whole foods and can be served as a delicious fresh meal or topper. 

Gently Cooked Cat Food

All cats should have access to real, fresh food. Improve your cat’s nutrition with ready-to-serve Gently Cooked for Cats recipes, including Chicken and Fish & Beef.

You can also try both recipes with our Variety Pack

Try Gently Cooked

Our Gently Cooked recipes are a great, unique option for fresh feeders who want a change, or for canned and kibble feeders who are looking for a higher quality fresh food option.

Primal Gently Cooked is a real whole-food nutrition option with no synthetic vitamins or minerals, and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Packaged in individual portions, the easy-to-open, ready-to-serve pouches were made to simplify mealtime.

Now exclusively available at your local pet food retailer! If you don’t see it in your local store, don’t worry, just ask your retailer to place a special order for your pet.