So, you're thinking about making the switch to raw, but wondering what the transition will look like? Changing your cat's diet from highly-processed to nutrient-rich and raw may require some minor adjustments to your normal feeding regimen - follow our guide below for the best results.


They require meat protein for optimal health. Eating meat-based, biologically-appropriate raw foods is key to a healthy diet. Your cat will be the living proof.

Cats care about the three T’s when choosing their favorite foods:
Texture, Temperature, and Taste.
What kind of eater do you have?

  • Crunchy Cat

    Loves Dry Kibble

    Consider crumbling a bit of Freeze-Dried Primal onto kibble meals. If you have a crunchy cat, add warm water very slowly, in small amounts, to each meal as you increase the freeze-dried food and decrease the kibble.

    Kibble, freeze-dried, and dehydrated products are dry, with little to no moisture. Because of the importance of moisture in your pet’s diet, don’t forget to rehydrate with water, Bone Broth, or Raw Goat Milk when possible!

  • Canned cat


    Replace a bit of each canned meal by stirring in a few thawed Pronto morsels. Once your cat decides they like their new raw food, you can begin the transition. If you have a canned cat, you may want to warm up their canned meal before stirring in the raw food to keep the temperature from getting too cold. Take it as slowly as necessary to meet your cat’s preferences.

    Primal Frozen Formulas contain up to 77% moisture! Learn more about why hydration is important for your pet.

Start Slowly

Remember the three T’s: texture, temperature, and taste are important to your kitty. And with premium whole food ingredients, Primal has the taste covered. A cat transition to raw can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days based on your cat’s age and preferences.
Take it slow and don’t rush the process.

Frozen Raw Pronto is a great choice for those who want to introduce raw foods to their cat in an easy to use format. For thawing, rehydrating, and safe handling tips, watch our instructional video.

Completing the transition

You may notice your cat is more excited about mealtime, as well as less smell in the litter box and less shedding on the sofa.
Here’s how to complete their transition to a fully raw diet:

If you’re still offering some of their original canned or dry foods, now is the time to drop it! Begin feeding a full meal of Primal twice daily. Don’t worry about grazing throughout the day–cats aren’t meant to graze. Feeding two meals a day is healthier for their body and mind. 

Cats are designed to get their moisture from their food. Once you’ve completed the transition, make sure to add water, Bone Broth, or Raw Goat Milk to hydrate your cat’s base meal.

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