Primal Pet Foods has already changed the lives of countless cats, dogs and pet owners. Read their stories and discover why Primal-fed pets stand out from the pack!

“Thank you for your wonderful product! My thirteen-year-old shih tzu has suffered for years with arthritis. Even on medication, he's had a distinct limp, and for the past two years could only walk a couple hundred feet before he would stop. I hated to see him in such pain. However, since he's been on your food, he rarely limps, and I've been able to cut down his medication. Within a few months of being on Primal Nuggets, we are now able to walk around the block and sometime farther. I never take the time to write testimonials, but if this might help other pet owners, I couldn't pass up the chance to share our story.”

Mary T., Brighton, MI

“I have a search recovery dog. I started feeding him the nuggets with his regular food, and now he has a better coat and more energy. I also started feeding it to my older lab, who is 13, and she's like a new dog. Love it!”

Rachael Robertson, Montgomery, TX

“Our cat, Berkeley, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 5 years old. Our vet had requested a diet consisting of only canned food for diabetes, but he would not progress without the insulin. Dreading a lifetime of needles and frequent vet visits, we started researching different diet options, which revealed a great deal of literature on the issues surrounding processed foods and how they affect obligate carnivores like cats. We added Primal raw food to his diet and within 3 days he no longer needed the insulin! Regular blood testing has revealed that his blood sugar levels have remained entirely normal for over 5 years — and absolutely no insulin!”

April, Washington, DC

“After trying many different foods for my new puppy, Bella Rose, Primal wins! Stools are much better and she absolutely loves it! Being a vegetarian myself, I just can't stomach feeding raw meat — I use the freeze dried which makes it easier for me. I know this is what she needs and this fits perfect.”

Janet Hart, Whittier, NC

“Two of our dogs had allergies, as their skin was pink and itchy. I started feeding them Primal about 3 weeks ago and their skin issues are gone.”

Christy Middleton, Colorado Springs, CO

When my oldest dog, Papas, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his throat with 2 months to live, I researched and switched both dogs to Primal from a semi-healthier organic dry/wet combo. He lived for 10 months, not 2, after diagnosis and I'm convinced it's due to the change of diet. My other baby girl is, of course, still on Primal and will be forever. She can't wait for breakfast and dinner time and seems more balanced as far as her mood, weight and energy. Thank you, Primal!

Shannon, Los Angeles, CA

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