Quality & Safety

Primal Pet Foods is committed to the health and safety of your pets. We’re not happy unless our customers (and their pets!) are too.


We strive to provide the highest quality raw pet foods and treats using only ingredients of the highest quality and origin.

USDA Meats & Poultry
USDA Organic Produce
Sustainably Sourced
Manufactured in the USA
Responsibly Sourced
No Grains
No Gluten
No Corn, Wheat, or Soy
No Legumes or Lentils
No Synthetic Supplements

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Safety Assurance

Our manufacturing facility adheres to specific quality measures, and we ensure strict quality control and quality assurance programs.

    Our quality control and quality assurance programs include but are not limited to:

  • Sanitation Standard Operating
  • Procedures (SSOPs)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) A Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) program
  • Lot segregation

    Our manufacturing facility also adheres to these specific quality measures:

  • Ingredients sourced from USDA-inspected facilities, and/or facilities regulated by the FDA
  • Adherence to state and federal regulations regarding product safety
  • USDA- and California State Department of Agriculture-inspected

Test & Hold Protocol

Primal Pet Foods utilizes a “test and hold” protocol to ensure that all products test negative for harmful bacteria before being released for sale.

We use a third party laboratory to test every lot of finished product in order to confirm that it is negative for select pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, and Listeria). When the test results are reviewed and confirmed negative, the product is released for shipment.


High-Pressure Processing, or HPP, is an FDA- and USDA-approved cold water pressure process that allows us to target salmonella and other food-borne pathogens—without cooking.

HPP does not use heat or irradiation, so raw foods stay raw. The highest-quality poultry sourcing only gets us so far—HPP helps us ensure the safety of our customers and their pets. Primal uses parameters specifically designed to make raw food safer. Our proprietary low pressure, short hold time, and cold water temperature allow for enzymes, vitamins, proteins, and lactic acid bacteria to stay intact.

HPP is only used on Primal’s high-risk poultry products. Primal’s edible-grade red meats test negative for pathogens, and are never HPP’d.


Duck Duck
Quail Quail
Turkey Turkey
Chicken Chicken


Rabbit Rabbit
Venison Venison
Pork Pork
Beef Beef
Lamb Lamb
Buffalo Buffalo

To learn more about HPP and how Primal uses it as a part of our overall food safety and quality protocols, please visit the Safety & Quality section of our FAQs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee all of our products to be of the highest quality available.

All Primal Pet Foods products are produced in temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art, certified USDA and State Department of Agriculture food manufacturing facilities in small runs to ensure freshness, safety and consistency.

Return Policy

If your pet is dissatisfied with our product due to palatability issues, please contact us directly at (415) 642-7400 or (866) 566-4652 and we will be glad to discuss the potential refund of your purchase. We will make every effort to assist each consumer with the successful feeding of our foods to your pet. If we are unable to successfully facilitate the transition of, or feeding of our foods, Primal will authorize a 100% refund through your local retail location.

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