4 Tips to Tame Your Curious Cat

4 Tips to Tame Your Curious Cat 4 Tips to Tame Your Curious Cat
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We talk a lot about training dogs encouraging good behavior with extra special treats, but did you know that you can do the same with your cats? House cats love their independence, but they also enjoy fun and rewards just as much as man’s best friend. Read on for some tips and tricks on taming your frisky feline friends!

Curious Kittens Love To Play

You might think that cats just enjoy swatting at countertop items or enjoying sunbathing near a window, but they actually have an instinct for playtime! Try these games to peak their curiosity and have some fun around the house.

Cat-Fishing: For this activity, you need a wand-like toy with feathers or even a Freeze-Dried Nugget tied to the end of a long string. Dangle it in front of your curious kitten and let them swat at it a few times, then cast it across the floor and let them pounce on it. Reel it back in and repeat the process until your cat decides it’s time for a nap! 

Hide and Seek: This game is simple—and you can even incorporate it into your cat’s mealtime. Give your feline friend a call, or pour food into their dish so they come running. Then simply move to different rooms and wait for them to come to you again. Reward them with some of their food or a favorite toy every time they find you. Not only is it a fun game, but it also trains your cat to come when called! 

Spoil Them With Treats

It’s hard to resist those precious moments when your cat is being extra snuggly, or you just feel the need to spoil them for no reason! That’s where a good nutritious treat can come into action. Primal Munchies are a wholesome snack or training treat with a variety of proteins for your cat. You can also use Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets for nutritious playtime rewards, or Primal Goat Milk for a boost of hydration after an afternoon of chasing toys around the house! 

Scratch That Itch

Cats love to sharpen their nails, and sometimes they use your comfy couch or favorite chair as a nail file. Fortunately, treating them with a posh scratching post can save your furniture and keep your feline entertained. Your local pet store should have a variety of options that feature options made from extra-tough materials to keep your cat happy and their nails out of places they don’t belong. 

Cuddles Are A Cat’s Best Friend 

Aside from fun games and tasty treats, many pets love to snuggle. For some cats, their favorite moment is nap time, and their favorite sleeping spot is in your lap. If your kitty is a cuddle bug, plan some extra time in the day to cozy up with them while reading a good book or watching television. Not only is it relaxing for you and your companion, but it’s also a great way to bond with your pet! 

We hope you enjoyed these tips and can give your cat some fun rewards or treats to keep them playful and happy in your home!