7 Tips For Picky Pets

7 Tips For Picky Pets 7 Tips For Picky Pets
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Having a picky eater can be frustrating. If you’ve ruled out any abnormal eating habits, dental issues, or a loss of appetite, here are a few ways to get a picky eater back on track.

Cats are often notoriously picky because they are imprint eaters. Often what they eat as kittens is what they prefer to eat as adults, so introducing them to foods with different textures, smells, and flavors can be difficult if they haven’t been exposed to them earlier on.

When dogs are picky, it can sometimes come down to breed or personality. Some dogs are more food motivated and driven than others. If you have a dog that isn’t motivated by food, they could develop a picky eating habit. Often, a dog becomes a picky eater because they are exposed too frequently to treats and table scraps. Rather than eat what’s good for them, they crave the goodies they get on the side.

Try these seven tips to get your dog or cat back on track with their eating habits.

Warm It Up

Gently warm up your pet’s food. However, it should not get hot enough that the raw ingredients begin to cook, or it may reduce the enzymatic properties and deplete the nutritional content in your pet’s food. Make sure your food is warm (not cooked) when you serve it. Warming to less than 107º will be just fine.

Set a Schedule

Feed your pet at the same time every day and stick to it. Don’t give them snacks or other meals except for at your scheduled time. By helping your pet understand that they have only a few opportunities for food, they are more likely to eat what you give them.

Walk Away

Serve your pet’s food, and then walk away. It sounds simple but staring at your pet while they eat feels intimidating and your pet may think something is wrong. Observe discreetly from afar if you’d like, but give your pet the space to eat comfortably and confidently.

Incentivize with a Topper

If you know your pet loves Primal Goat Milk, Bone Broth, or some other moderate amount of biologically-appropriate foods like our Freeze-Dried or Pronto formulas, mix those into their meals as a tool to entice a stubborn eater. Make sure they see you adding their favorites to the meal.

Try a Puzzle Toy

Make mealtimes fun with a game. Your pet is a hunter by nature, and a puzzle toy can not only keep them entertained but make the prize of solving it (their dinner) that much more rewarding.

Check for Freshness

Be sure to check the dates on the packaging of your pet’s food to make sure everything is still fresh and is safe for them to eat. No one wants to eat on an upset stomach, including your cat or dog.

Give Them Real Nutrition

With fresh muscle and organ meats, organic produce, and much more, Primal Pet Foods is what your pet craves. A variety of proteins allow you to rotate your pet’s foods, keeping things interesting and helping to prevent the development of an allergy. Plus, we guarantee your satisfaction. If your pet doesn’t like one of our foods, we will happily take it back.