Beat the Heat: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool & Hydrated This Summer

Beat the Heat: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool & Hydrated This Summer Beat the Heat: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool & Hydrated This Summer
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As summer temperatures soar, making sure your pet stays hydrated should become a top priority. Dehydration is a serious concern for pets, and the average pet parent doesn't always know how much water and moisture their pets should be consuming. This blog will help guide you on how to keep your dogs and cats hydrated and healthy during these warmer months, regardless of their activity level.

Understanding Pet Hydration
Our pets need a certain amount of water and moisture daily to support bodily functions and overall well being. You should always offer fresh, clean water to your pet. Some of our pets, however, might need a little extra help in getting their recommended daily moisture intake depending on activity level, local climate, and the types of food that comprise their normal diet.

Hydration Solutions for Every Lifestyle

No matter your furry friend’s lifestyle, there are a number of solutions to help keep them happy and healthy this summer. Here’s how to ensure your pet stays cool and hydrated, tailored to their summer activities. 

1. The Explorer For dogs that love adventure, like trips to the beach or hiking in the mountains, hydration can be a bit more challenging. Our shelf-stable, freeze-dried recipes are perfect for these pups, as they can be rehydrated with water, bone broth, or goat milk, allowing you to control the moisture content while on the move.

  • Freeze-Dried Nuggets: Simply add water to rehydrate. You can adjust the amount of water to ensure your dog gets plenty of moisture.
  • Hydration on-the-go: Bring along a portable water bottle and collapsible bowl to keep your pup hydrated for wherever the journey takes you.
  • Give Them a Boost: Add some bone broth or goat milk to their meals for a wholesome hydration boost that’s also rich in beneficial nutrients.

2. The Couch Potato

For dogs who prefer lounging at home and whose primary exercise is daily walks, maintaining hydration is just as important. Here are some fun and effective ways to keep them hydrated:

  • Lick Mats: Pour goat milk or bone broth on a lick mat. It’s an easy way to keep your pup engaged and hydrated.
  • Frozen Treats: Create frozen pup-sicles using our bone broth or goat milk. Simply pour into ice cube trays and freeze. These make for a refreshing and hydrating snack that will help keep them cool!
  • Hydration Stations: Place multiple water bowls around the house to encourage your pup to drink more frequently.

3. The Play All Day Pup

For the active dogs who are always on the move, staying hydrated can be tricky since they may not be stopping for necessary water breaks and it can be extra tricky to track their liquid intake. Incorporating hydration into their meals is key:

  • Frozen Balanced Bases: Primal’s frozen products are designed to be moisture-rich. Ensure each meal is properly thawed and to increase their moisture intake, consider hydrating with water, bone broth, or goat milk.
  • Multiple Water Sources: Place water bowls in various locations around your home, especially the backyard if you have one. This ensures that whenever they’re finally ready for a break, they have a nearby source to stay hydrated.
  • Interactive Water: Use water bowls with moving parts, sprinklers, or even fountains to attract your dog’s attention and encourage them to drink more.

4. The Cool Cats
Cat's can be particularly prone to dehydration, especially since some may be a little finicky when it comes to drinking water. Here’s how to ensure your feline friend stays hydrated:

  • Feline Raw Frozen Pronto: Designed to be more moisture-rich than dry kibble, our Raw Frozen Pronto recipes are crafted with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce. For an extra hydration boost, add goat milk!
  • Bone Broth: Serve bone broth either warm or cold, depending on your cat’s preference. It’s a nutritious and hydrating option.
  • Multiple Water Sources: Place water bowls in various locations around your home. Cats often prefer fresh and running water, so consider investing in a cat water fountain.

Other General Hydration Tips

  • Monitor Water Intake: Keep an eye on their water bowls to see how much your pet is drinking, especially during warmer days.
  • Cool Down: Provide shaded areas and cool spaces for your pet to relax away from the sun.

Hydration Boosters: Use products like our bone broth and goat milk to add extra hydration to their diet.

Keeping your pet hydrated is crucial for their health and well-being, especially during the hot summer months. By understanding their hydration needs and incorporating moisture-rich foods and drinks into their diet, you can ensure they stay in their prime all summer long.