The Energizing & Fortifying Protein

Beef: The Energizing & Fortifying Protein Beef: The Energizing & Fortifying Protein
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In many minds, beef is the quintessential protein—its levels of iron and essential fatty acids are exactly the nutritional benefits one imagines when adding meat to the menu. Not surprisingly, the taste & nutrient profile of beef makes it a popular addition to your pet’s bowl. Read on to learn about how Primal’s ethically-raised beef can help fuel your pet’s day-to-day life.

All of the Good Stuff, None of the Bad Stuff

Humanely Sourced

Grass Fed

Ethically Raised

At Primal, we believe thoughtful sourcing and high-quality proteins are the foundation of a complete, balanced diet for your pet. We partner with responsible farms in the United States & New Zealand to ensure that all of the cows used for our USDA beef are humanely treated, grass-fed, and ethically raised. Like all of our proteins, Primal beef never contains any added hormones, antibiotics, or synthetics, so you can feel confident about what goes into your pet’s bowl!

No Steroids

No Antibiotics

No Added Hormones

B is for Beef (& B Vitamins!)

Beef is the flagship of iron-rich protein, and iron is critical in producing and circulating the blood, oxygen, and energy that keeps your pet going. Additionally, beef is a great natural source of bioavailable calcium, amino acids, and B-complex vitamins, each of which are essential nutrients to keep your pet happy & healthy.

Primal Beef in Your Pet's Diet

Whether your pet is currently eating traditional dry kibble, full raw proteins, or anything in between, there is a delicious and purposeful way to bring Primal quality beef to their dinner bowl.

The Primal Bowl Builder will guide you through the process of creating a balanced, nutritious meal for your companion. In your mixing and matching, you’ll find Primal beef in the hydrating power of our Bone Broth, the bowl-boosting benefits of our Raw Toppers, and the complete nutrition of our frozen and freeze-dried formulas.

In every case, you can trust the quality and intention behind each and every animal protein inside Primal Pet Foods!