Building a Better Bowl for Nala:
A Working Example of Enhancing Your Pet’s Mealtime

Building a Better Bowl for Nala: A Working Example of Enhancing Your Pet’s Mealtime Building a Better Bowl for Nala: A Working Example of Enhancing Your Pet’s Mealtime
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At Primal, our goal is to guide you through the process of building a better bowl for your pet. Whether you’re starting with traditional kibble, canned food, a raw formula, or anything in between, we are confident that you can elevate your pet’s wellbeing by incorporating more fresh products into their meals.

That being said, we know this process may feel overwhelming. Knowing what to add to your pet’s dish, what to subtract, and how it all comes together to form a meal can seem complicated, especially if you are figuring it out by yourself. Read on for a working example on how Primal can transform your pet’s mealtime, then give it a try yourself with the simple and easy Primal Bowl Builder!

Who is Nala?


Nala is a 1-year-old American Shorthair cat, putting her at the very beginning of the “Junior” phase of a cat’s life. Nala is in good health and her growth is leveling off, but her daily nutrient demands as a young adult carnivore are still important.

When her energy levels are high, Nala loves to sharpen her claws on a favorite toy and bound around the house after a dangling ribbon or darting light. Nala also loves to explore the outdoors, and she typically spends at least some portion of her day pouncing around and exploring the great outdoors.

What is Nala’s current diet?


Nala’s mealtime usually includes dry kibble and a dish of water alongside the occasional addition of a conventional canned food every 2-3 days. On top of that, Nala’s owner will typically offer her a crunchy & starchy shelf-stable treat every other day as a follow up to her dinner. 

How could a change in diet help?

Nala’s diet is centered around kibble, which is dry and devoid of moisture. Even with the occasional addition of canned food, Nala’s dinners aren’t keeping her hydrated.

Additionally, Nala’s meals are missing the mark on providing her with the right kind of nutrition. Currently, only a portion of the protein in her diet is coming from meat, and the highly processed nutrients are devoid of antioxidants, offering no real immunity support as she continues to grow into an adult.

What would Nala’s better bowl look like?


Replacing Nala’s kibble, or even just her canned meals to start, with a biologically-appropriate, balanced base like Primal Frozen Nuggets could elevate her meal from the ground up by providing her with critical amounts of animal-based protein and the nutrition and moisture she needs from the start.

We could also add our Healthy Green Smoothie Edible Elixir, a powerful combination of organic greens, mushrooms, and oils that can provide your pet’s bowl with additional moisture and a big boost of immunity support. 

Additionally, Primal Goat Milk can add even more hydration to Nala’s mealtime, while its organic turmeric and cinnamon can help reduce inflammation and its living enzymes can aid in digestion. These Toppers & Hydrators can be added to any meal, whether it’s kibble, canned, raw, or a mix of all!

Want to discover a better bowl for your pet?

Get started with the Primal Bowl Builder!