Building a Better Bowl for Skin and Coat Health

Building a Better Bowl for Skin and Coat Health Building a Better Bowl for Skin and Coat Health
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Improving your pet’s skin and coat starts with high-quality nutrition. While proper grooming can make positive contributions to skin and coat health, appropriate dietary changes can help promote healthier skin and coat from the inside out. As summer gets started and heat and allergens ramp up, paying attention to your pet’s skin and coat health is important.

Primal skin and coat care products



Dog and cat hair is made mostly of an insoluble protein called keratin. High-quality proteins and fresh produce like those in Primal Pet Foods' complete and balanced raw formulas as well as supplemental raw toppers can help pets, and their coats, remain healthy. Pets can see a significant reduction in shedding and healthier coat by integrating more fresh food into their diet.


Dry skin and loss of skin elasticity are common signs of dehydration. Canines and felines should ideally get moisture from the food they eat (as they would in nature), and not just their water bowl. To prevent dehydration and resulting dry skin, choose foods high in moisture such as Raw Frozen Pronto. For a boost in hydration and probiotics, give your pets Raw Goat Milk or Bone Broth on its own or added to their bowl.


Proteins (and the amino acids that make them up) form the base for many body functions and parts, including organs, tissues, skin, fur, and more. Primal’s formulas are made with fresh, antibiotic- and steroid-free whole muscle meat, organ meat, and bone with no added hormones. This combination of high-quality protein provides the essential amino acids, fatty acids, and other nutrients critical to both pet skin health and overall health. Formulas with fish protein, such as Sardine Market Mix, or Butcher’s Blend contain fish oil with fatty acids that can help improve pets’ skin and coats.

Fat & Fatty Acids

Fat is essential to the bodily functions of dogs and cats. Fat promotes healthy skin and coats, as well as pets’ cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems. Fats, including fish oil, are a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids help reduce skin inflammation and support skin on the cellular level. Fish oil and liver oil are the most prevalent unprocessed dietary sources of Vitamin A, which helps keep skin cells healthy. Superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids (including omega-3), and Vitamin A are naturally included in Primal’s Turkey & Sardine Freeze-Dried Nuggets or Chicken and Salmon Freeze-Dried Nuggets.


When switching over to new foods or adding anything new to your pet’s diet, be sure to transition slowly for optimized success.


Want to discover a better bowl for your pet? Get started with the Primal Bowl Builder, and explore the many ways adding fresh foods to your pet’s diet can help them live happier & healthier!