Christmas “Cookies” For Dogs and Cats

Christmas “Cookies” For Dogs and Cats Christmas “Cookies” For Dogs and Cats
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During the holidays, it’s nice to treat both ourselves and our pets to something special. We all know that cats and dogs love their biscuit treats, but this year, try our cookie recipes that are raw, made with whole food, and starch-free. Your pet will love them, and you’ll love what they do for your pet’s health.

Dog “Cookies”


Using a treat mold, layer in a few kale shreds, Freeze-Dried Nugget crumbles, and accent with apple pieces. Pour Primal Turkey Bone Broth over the top until the mold is full. Freeze until hard. Once frozen, you can serve your dog a fun and festive treat! Keep in mind that this frozen treat will melt, so serve in a bowl or outside to keep your home spick and span.

Cat “Cookies”


Sprinkle catnip and Freeze-Dried Nugget pieces into a treat mold. Fill the mold to the top with Primal Raw Goat Milk. Freeze until hard, and then serve to your cat in a bowl. Catnip affects all cats differently, but they are sure to enjoy these frozen treats.