Don’t Forget About Fruits and Veggies!

Don’t Forget About Fruits and Veggies! Don’t Forget About Fruits and Veggies!
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Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you to eat your fruits and veggies at dinner time? Here at Primal, we say the same thing, but to our fur babies! Even though dogs and cats are primarily carnivores, they still need essential nutrients that come from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seeds. 

The Importance of Certified Organic Produce

Did you know that complete & balanced diets can be crafted using whole foods—without the use of synthetic vitamins? Primal Balanced Bases are formulated using high-quality proteins, plus Certified Organic produce to provide nutrients that pets can’t get from muscle meat, organ meat, or bone. By adding fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables to our Balanced Bases, we eliminate synthetic vitamins and minerals to make sure pets are receiving proper nutrition for happier, healthier lives.

Nutrients from Fruits and Vegetables  

The use of fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables provide supplements that add antioxidants, phytonutrients, and plant fibers that can aid in digestion and support your pet’s gut health. Vitamins and minerals from produce have also been known to support immunity and joint health. Check out the infographic below for a breakdown of the fruits, veggies, herbs, and seeds we add to our formulas and the specific benefits they provide. 

Primal Fruits and Veggies

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When you feed your pet Primal, rest assured that they are getting a nutrient-rich meal from both high-quality proteins and Certified Organic Produce. If you’re ready to give it a try, check out our easy-to-use Bowl Builder tool and Build a Better Bowl™ for your four-legged friend!