Introducing NEW Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto for Dogs

Introducing NEW Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto for Dogs Introducing NEW Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto for Dogs
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We’ve been proud to offer biologically-appropriate, nutritious pet foods for over two decades. The newest addition to our lineup of Balanced Bases—Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto—makes it easier than ever to feed your dog a complete & balanced, safe raw diet.

Family of Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto on a marble countertop in a kitchen setting

Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto recipes provide all of the benefits of a raw food diet in a safe, convenient, and easy-to-use format — just scoop, hydrate, and serve! Like all of our Canine Balanced Bases, our Pronto recipes are crafted with the highest-quality ingredients for real, whole-food nutrition — without the use of synthetic vitamins & minerals or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 

Easy to Serve & Store

Image of Beef Recipe Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto on marble countertop with hand pouring Turkey Bone Broth into stainless-steel Primal-branded bowl

Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto recipes are all shelf-stable and don’t require refrigeration, so you can bring whole-food nutrition along wherever your next adventure leads you! To serve, simply scoop and rehydrate with water, Goat Milk, or Bone Broth.

Whole-Food Ingredients

Image of Chicken Recipe Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto and Primal-branded stainless steel dog bowl, surrounded by fresh produce and chicken

Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto recipes are crafted with responsibly-sourced proteins—like grass-fed beef and cage-free chicken—and certified organic fruits & vegetables, so both you & your dog can feel good about what goes into their bowl. 

Whole-food nutrition means your pet can enjoy recipes free from:

  • Synthetic supplements, preservatives, or additives
  • Corn, Wheat, & Soy
  • Lentils & Legumes
  • Grains & Gluten

Age-Appropriate Nutrition

Image of small puppy outside on sidewalk standing next to Puppy Recipe Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto

Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto is available in both adult and puppy formulas, so you can be sure that your dog is getting wholesome, age-appropriate nutrition at every life stage. Our Puppy Recipe is formulated with 0.1% guaranteed DHA to help support healthy development — and comes in bite-sized pieces, perfect for growing puppies.

Incorporating raw & fresh foods into your puppy’s diet is a great way to experience the benefits of raw feeding from an early age and help your pup grow up into a strong, thriving adult dog.

Benefits of Raw

Adding fresh foods to your pet’s regular diet can help them live happier, healthier lives! Raw foods provide superior digestibility, which allows for better nutrient absorption. This helps to ensure that adult dogs and puppies get more of the nutrients needed to help them thrive — from improved digestion to a healthier skin & coat, even a little raw goes a long way.

Ready to try Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto? Find a Primal retailer near you with our Store Locator or explore the many ways you can incorporate fresh & raw foods into your pet’s diet with our Bowl Builder