Goat Milk:
Supercharge Your Pet's Meal

Goat Milk: Supercharge Your Pet's Meal Goat Milk: Supercharge Your Pet's Meal
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As caring pet owners, we want the best nutrition for our four-legged furry friends. With all of the options to choose from at your local pet store, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right products to enhance your pet's meals. Looking to supercharge a bowl of dry food? Look no further than Primal Raw Goat Milk. Just pour on top of kibble to transform their meal into something the pickiest of eaters will love, while adding nutritional benefits and plenty of moisture

As carnivores, dogs and cats are designed to consume raw foods. They can digest nearly 100% of raw food, this means more nutrient absorption with less stool. Furthermore, raw-fed pets experience cleaner teeth, healthier skin and coat with less shedding, and an appropriate energy level. Goat milk is known as the “universal milk.” Due to its small fat molecule it can be easily digested by a wide variety of mammals – including dogs and cats! 

Primal Goat Milk provides an easy way to incorporate raw nutrition into your pet’s diet. This powerful Hydrator supports the digestive system, urinary tract system, and immune system. Not to mention, our pets’ bodies are made up of 65% water; and they are designed to absorb the majority of their water from the food they eat. At 79% moisture, goat milk adds that much needed element to your pet’s diet. It is also a source of protein, enzymes, probiotics, minerals, electrolytes, and fatty acids! 

When it comes to goat milk, raw is always the best choice for pets, not just because of their unique dietary needs as carnivores. When milk is pasteurized, it is exposed to high heat and a significant amount of nutrients and enzymes are lost. This means pets will lose out on many of the benefits. Also, dogs and cats are unable to digest lactose. When goat milk is still raw, it contains lactase, an enzyme which breaks down lactose and allows pets to fully digest the milk. Lactase is killed during the pasteurization process, which means pets will not be able to digest the lactose, causing an upset stomach.

At Primal, we take our Goat Milk to the next level by adding functional ingredients that will supercharge any meal or snack time. 

Functional Ingredients in Primal Goat Milk


How to Use Goat Milk

Primal Raw Goat Milk is a very versatile product and can be served up in a variety of different ways to enhance meals, make treats or just serve on it's own.

Pour Over

Pour on top of any meal – kibble, canned, or raw. When you pour goat milk over kibble, it’s just like breakfast cereal for your pet!

Feed by Itself

Simply pour in your pet’s dish for a refreshing snack.


Make into ice cubes for special snacks. Freeze by itself or add other food items to make special dog or cat ice snacks like these

Special Recipes

Mix with other Primal Toppers & Hydrators to create extra support for your pet. Gut Goop is a mixture of Goat Milk and Winter Squash Puree. Together, they create a pre and probiotic powerhouse to support the gut. The Immune Support Smoothie is a mixture of Goat Milk, Bone Broth, and Healthy Green Smoothie. These foods work together to provide unmatched support to the immune system.


Give it a Shot

Go for it and try Building a Better Bowl with Primal Goat Milk. Your pet will love the flavor as much as you love the benefits! Find Primal Raw Goat Milk at a retailer near you. 

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