Hawaiian “Pup-za”

Hawaiian “Pup-za” Hawaiian “Pup-za”
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Ah, the lazy days of summer, filled with BBQs and swimming pools and picnics. Don’t forget about your furry friend while you’re cooking up all that tasty food! This recipe is a pet-friendly spin on an old favorite and lets your pup join in on all the fun. Plus, everything is frozen, so no working over a hot oven. Now your dog can weigh in on the debate: Does pineapple belong on pizza? (Of course it does!)

Rest time: 1-2 hours
Freeze time: 1 hour


Primal frozen canine pork forumla, goat milk, awesome squash and pinnapple!


  1. Mash or mix the Raw Frozen Nuggets into a circular shape, making sure to leave a small raised edge for the “crust.”
    Gif of a dog lover mashing Primal canine pork formula into a pie tin.
  2. Let crust rest in refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
  3. Blend together Awesome Squash Fresh Topper and Goat Milk for the “cheese.”
  4. Pour mixture on top of crust. Make sure to distribute it evenly.
    Blended up awesome squash puree and goat milk make an excellent "cheese" for your dog's pup-za!
  5. Place in freezer for 1 hour to allow pup-za to firm up.
    Freezing the "crust" and "cheese" of our dog friendly "pup-za"
  6. Arrange Butcher’s Blend Raw Toppers and fresh pineapple on top of “cheese”.
    Topping our dog friendly "pizza" with bits of pineapple and Primal Butchers Blend bits!
  7. Slice and serve!
    Completed Hawaiian "Pup-za" dog friendly pizza, slicing up and ready to serve!

Pro Tips

  1. Change up the toppings! Try a chicken and sweet potato mix, or beef and carrot ‘za!
  2. Substitute Feline Raw Frozen Formula for your cat! Why should dogs have all the fun?

The Final product of our hawaiin pup za, ready for puppy consumption!