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This holiday season, whether you are repeating regular traditions or are finding new ways to celebrate, your furry friends will be delighted to be included in the fun! At a time when schedules become hectic and routines go awry, your pets will relish in the gift of time and love.

Pets provide us companionship and support all year long, and there’s no better time than the conclusion of the year to take a moment to express gratitude for our most loyal companions. This year, bring the entire family together through pet-friendly activities that will be a welcome reprieve from the business of shopping, hosting, decorating, wrapping, and more!

Homemade Pet “Cookies”

For skilled and novice bakers alike, Christmas offers one of the best times of the year to show off your holiday creations! And for those “bakers,” we offer these delicious Christmas “Cookies” for Dogs and Cats that your pets are sure to love! Featuring Primal’s Freeze-Dried Nuggets, Bone Broth, Raw Goat Milk, and more, your pet will enjoy noshing down on treats without the starch while you enjoy your sweets. If you make a batch, be sure to tag #PrimalRecipes on photos you post to social media.

Play Games

Dog catching ballPlaytime with our feline and canine companions strengthens our bond with pets and helps them release any excess energy or stress that may arise from a change in routine during the holidays. To lend pet parents a helping hand, we’ve compiled the best styles of play for your pet’s activity level and natural instincts in the Primal Guide to Purposeful Pet Playtime. This guide can help you by offering a loose structure of interaction so you may keep your dog or cat (and yourself) mentally and physically stimulated!

Winter Outdoor Excursions

Barring any extreme weather, winter offers some of the best opportunities to take a walk or hike outdoors with your pup, or the adventurous cat. The one-on-one time with your pet can lead to some very special bonding time. And upon your return from your snowy or brisk stroll, you can look forward to hot cocoa for you and Dog Nog (Raw Goat Milk) for your pet, which contains electrolytes and helps keep them hydrated! 

Car Rides

Dog enjoying car rideBreak out your favorite holiday playlist, get your pet securely in the car, and take a drive around town to check out the lights! Of course, be sure to remember their leash or harness in case you want to get outside to take photos! For longer car rides during the holidays if plans entail going out of town, read these road trip tips, and don’t forget hydration and snacks for your pet.

Stocking Stuffers

Having a stocking for your pet and letting them trifle through it is a great way to give them special attention during the holidays. Giving pets a toy or gift (especially edible ones!) keeps them occupied when everyone else is unwrapping their gifts –making pets getting into mischief less likely. For some great stocking stuffer ideas, consider our Bones and Chews. But be careful that Santa doesn’t set them out the night before! With the exception of our Antler chews, our bones should be kept frozen until ready to serve. And be sure to always monitor your pet when feeding any bone product.

Here at Primal Pet Foods, we hope you enjoy the winter season with your pet as much as we love seeing pets enjoy a happier, healthier, more vibrant life through optimal nutrition. May you and your pets’ days be merry and bright!