How To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pet & Our Commitment to Sustainability

How To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pet & Our Commitment to Sustainability How To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pet & Our Commitment to Sustainability
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Happy Earth Day! Sustainable practices are important and something you can do with your pet, for your pet, year-round. Here's some inspiration for how you and your pet can do more environmentally-friendly activities together this Earth Day and practice sustainability with Primal.

Recycle gently used pet supplies

It’s hard to know what your pet might need or never use again. Just like sorting through your old clothes or household items, tidying up your pet supplies every spring can help you declutter your home, reduce waste, and provide supplies to other pet parents who could use them. If you happen to have gently used bedding, leashes, toys, or other pet supplies your pets don’t use or just never liked, try recycling them.

Consider donating to your local animal shelters or online pet groups. Reach out to your neighbors who could maybe use the supplies or connect with friends to create a pet supplies group to work together. Donating unused or gently used pet supplies keeps these items out of landfills and helps keep pets comfortable and entertained while you’re practicing sustainability.

Clean up the neighborhood on your next walk

You and your pup take a walk together every day, if not multiple times a day. That time together is a great opportunity to look out for trash and clean up your neighborhood together. On your next walk, consider taking a trash bag with you and look out for fly-away wrappers, cans, or other loose trash. This helps reduce litter from blowing off into lakes, keeps our neighborhoods clean, and it’s an easy task for you and your pup to do together while you’re already out on a walk.

Create pet furniture & toys from recycled materials

Get creative with your pet furniture and supplies. Have you ever bought an expensive cat tower and your cat is more in love with the box it came in? Instead of buying brand-new furniture and toys, consider using the materials you already have access to.

A stick and several pieces of yarn can make a great chase toy. Tape up those cardboard boxes you have from online shopping to make tunnels, towers, and towns for your pet. Check out your yard and neighborhood for some great toys that provide your pet enrichment in new ways. Get creative and try making your cat something that will entertain them for hours.

Get outdoors and explore nature with your dog

You and your pup deserve some quality time together. As the weather warms up and spring starts to bloom, use Earth Day as an opportunity to have a proper day outside with your pup – or cat if they love to go out on their leash. Sometimes all you and your pets need is some quality time outside together enjoying the peace of nature, playtime in wide open spaces, and cuddling up under the stars together.

Commit to more sustainable practices & outdoor activities with Primal Pet Foods this Earth Day!

Primal Pet Foods’ Commitment to Sustainability

We work with the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) to measure our success as a sustainable business, hold ourselves accountable, and continue making an impactful difference in the pet food industry as leaders and innovators.

Primal Pet Foods & Pet Sustainability Coalition

Primal has been a Guardian member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) since 2019. In August 2022, we joined other industry leaders to publicly commit to taking meaningful action toward more sustainable packaging for the foreseeable future.

We know we can’t improve what we don’t measure, so we recently partnered with PSC to evaluate our strengths and opportunities using a globally recognized third-party assessment tool, and we are working to establish clear goals for our sustainability efforts. Our first step is to better understand our waste streams, so we can identify ways to minimize them, evaluate our logistics to reduce miles traveled per pound of product produced, and assess our water and energy usage to better manage it.

Our team takes a holistic view and approach to sustainability, considering environmental, social, and economic factors as well as the sustainability of our people. Today, one-third of our Primal products are sold in recyclable packaging, and we’ve pledged to transition the rest of our portfolio by the end of 2025.

We strive for progress over perfection and will share updates on the steps we are taking to support a more sustainable future, acknowledging that change is necessary to care for the planet, ourselves, and the pets we love. Learn more in our previous blog here.

Practice sustainability this Earth Day with Primal!