Chicken: The Crowd-Pleasing Protein

Chicken: The Crowd-Pleasing Protein Chicken: The Crowd-Pleasing Protein
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When it comes to providing your pet with quality protein that fuels their day-to-day life, there are a variety of options on the table… or, in the bowl. Still, only a select list of animal proteins form the foundation of Primal’s balanced bases, toppers, and hydrators. Among these, sustainably-sourced chicken is perhaps the most versatile of the group, oftentimes pleasing even the pickiest eaters at the table while providing a strong influx of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Not Your Average Chicken

Vegetarian Fed

Humanely Sourced

Ethically Raised

Cage Free

Not all chicken meat is created equal. At Primal, we hold a high standard for every ingredient that finds its way into your home, most especially the organ meat, muscle meat, and meaty bones that account for the bulk of your pet’s daily meals. Primal says NO to inhumane treatment and YES to authentic stewardship and partnership from farms and families with a real interest in the health and well-being of each animal.

No Steroids

No Antibiotics

No Hormones

On top of that, Primal uses High-Pressure Processing technology (HPP) to ensure the safety of our poultry products without cooking or compromising nutrition. Our test-and-hold protocol is the safest in the industry, which means you can always trust Primal proteins.

A Healthy Heart & Hardy Bones

Not only is chicken a natural source of much-needed protein, but it is also rich in B vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids. Together and in the appropriate amounts, these can go a long way in promoting your pet’s cardiovascular health and nourishing their skin and coat. What’s more, quality chicken protein brings with it large amounts of calcium and glucosamine, both of which promote strong bones and healthy growth for puppies, kittens, and adults!

Primal Chicken In Your Pet’s Diet

Whether your pet is currently eating traditional dry kibble, full raw proteins, or anything in between, there is a delicious and purposeful way to bring chicken to their dinner bowl.

The Primal Bowl Builder will guide you through the process of creating a balanced, nutritious meal for your companion. In your mixing and matching, you’ll find Primal chicken in the hydrating power of our Bone Broth, the bowl-boosting benefits of our Raw Toppers, and the complete nutrition of our frozen and freeze-dried formulas.

In every case, you can trust the quality and intention behind each and every animal protein inside Primal Pet Foods!