Introducing Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers

Introducing Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers Introducing Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers
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Based on the idea that even minor changes to your pet’s diet can make a big difference, Primal Pet Foods has ​offered fresh, nutritious food for pets over the past two decades. Whether you feed canned, kibble, raw, or a mix of all, Primal makes adding more fresh food into your pet’s meals convenient and simple. Now, we’re offering another easy-to-serve, fresh option: Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers!

These easy-to-use, meat-first toppers are made with high-quality meats & certified organic produce, and add a boost of wholesome nutrition to any pet’s diet! Freeze-Dried Toppers are suitable for both dogs and cats, and are available in five protein varieties: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pork, and Turkey.

Ways to Serve

Freeze-Dried Toppers don’t require refrigeration, making them the perfect pantry staple or adventure companion. Serve as a wholesome addition to your pet’s typical meal or as a delicious, high-value treat!

Black and white dog in blue bandana eating Freeze-Dried Toppers in stainless steel Primal-branded bowl with Kibble. A Bag of Turkey Freeze-Dried Toppers is next to bowl.

 Meal Topper

Scoop and serve Freeze-Dried Toppers over any balanced base. Rehydrate with water, Bone Broth, or Raw Goat Milk for even more nutritional value!

Black and white dog sitting on stone floor and waiting patiently for Freeze-Dried Topper, served as a treat


Fill up the treat pouch with Freeze-Dried Toppers, a perfect high-value reward for training & enrichment.

Black dog sitting and grinning with mouth open, waiting for a green interactive puzzle toy with Freeze-Dried Toppers inside. A hand is placing a piece into the puzzle toy.

In an Interactive Toy

For an enriching and mentally stimulating activity, pair Freeze-Dried Toppers with an interactive toy. These toppers come in bite-sized pieces that work well with a variety of toys on the market.

New Toppers, Same Commitment to Quality

Freeze-Dried Toppers contain single-source proteins, organic produce & probiotics – and they utilize clean ingredients that pet parents expect from Primal Pet Foods products.

Single-Source Proteins

We source all of our animal protein from suppliers recognized for superior quality, with strict requirements for feeding, raising, and handling. Meats, game, and poultry are raised without antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones.

Ethically Raised

At Primal, we say NO to inhumane treatment and YES to authentic stewardship and partnership with farms & families who have a real interest in the health and well-being of each animal.

Certified Organic Produce

The highest quality, Certified Organic produce provides nutrients that pets can’t get from protein sources alone.

Whole-food Nutrition

All vitamins and minerals are derived from high-quality animal protein, certified organic fruits, vegetables, and whole food supplements.

Probiotics for Safety

Our incredible probiotics work through a process called competitive exclusion that eliminates space for harmful pathogens such as salmonella, E. coli, and listeria to grow – not only before the product goes into the bag, but even after the product goes home!

Recyclable Packaging

Freeze-Dried Toppers come in a convenient pouch that is also recyclable! Primal is proud to partner with How2Recycle to provide transparent on-package recycling information to our customers.

Freeze-Dried Toppers are another addition to the Primal line that highlights our mission to make wholesome nutrition more convenient, affordable, and sustainable. We can’t wait for you to try them!

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Cat pawing at Freeze-Dried Toppers on grey countertop