It’s Dog Nog Time!

It’s Dog Nog Time! It’s Dog Nog Time!
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Whether you’re decking the halls or opting for more low-key festivities this year, hopefully, you’re partaking in one of the highlights of the season: food and drink. And while you may be enjoying gingerbread, hot chocolate, or peppermint bark, your pets likely want to get in on the fun too! With Dog Nog, your pets can participate in the festivities, while reaping the benefits of fresh, wholesome foods!

What is Dog Nog?

“Dog Nog” is Primal’s Raw Goat Milk, often known as the “universal milk,” due to its ability to be easily digested. It is an excellent source of moisture for pets and is appropriate for dogs and cats at all life stages. All of Primal’s Raw Goat Milk varieties contain cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric:

  • Cinnamon is antibacterial/antifungal and can assist with arthritis and muscular inflammation in older animals.
  • Ginger is a digestive aid and natural antioxidant.
  • Turmeric is naturally anti-inflammatory and is an antioxidant, detoxifier, and anti-cancer herb.

3 Ways To Serve Dog Nog

Straight Up

After a romp out in the snow or a hike, rehydrate your pet with Raw Goat Milk. Electrolytes help to keep them hydrated. Plus, since they’ll love the way it tastes, it will feel like a treat for being active. With five specialized varieties including our Original Raw Goat Milk, you can choose the best option for your pet’s preferences or needs:

Pet Cereal

Goat Milk can be served over kibble or freeze-dried formulas to make a special cereal for your pet to enjoy. We think our Freeze-Dried Nuggets are a good place to start for the base when you Build a Better Bowl®!

On the Rocks

For a fun, enticing snack for your pet, Goat Milk can be frozen into cubes or pupsicles for added stimulation while they consume them—whether you serve during summer or winter time!

Primal’s Raw Goat Milk is a great way to add a boost of hydration & fresh-food nutrition to your pet’s diet—whether they eat kibble, raw, or a mix of all!

Give your cat or dog a holiday Dog Nog treat. Try Raw Goat Milk today and find it at a store near you!