Lamb: A Supremely Nutrient-Dense Protein

Lamb: A Supremely Nutrient-Dense Protein Lamb: A Supremely Nutrient-Dense Protein
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Due to its high-quality protein, lamb is increasingly becoming a favorite meat option to include in pet diets. Filled with vitamins and minerals, lamb can contribute greatly to a whole, healthy diet. Lamb is even ounce-for-ounce richer in iron than regular chicken and packs 50% of the amount of omega-3s found in fish! Read below to learn more about how Primal’s ethically raised and humanely sourced lamb can contribute to pet wellness.

Humanely Sourced


Ethically Raised

To ensure your confidence about what goes into your pet’s bowl, Primal partners with responsible farms in the United States & New Zealand. We make it a priority to ensure that all animals used for our USDA lamb are humanely treated, grass-fed, and ethically raised. Like all of our proteins, Primal lamb never contains any added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. We believe that the foundation of a complete, balanced diet for your pet starts with thoughtful sourcing and high-quality proteins.

No Steroids

No Antibiotics

No Hormones

Lamb is Delicious and Nutritious

Lamb is a natural source of bioavailable calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin- all of which are essential to bone and joint health. Additionally, lamb maintains superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids as compared to other proteins. It is also a significant source of B vitamins (especially B12) and the minerals selenium and zinc, which are essential micronutrients for your pet’s immune system and overall functioning.

Primal Lamb in Your Pet's Diet

Whether your pet is currently eating traditional dry kibble, full raw proteins, or anything in between, there is a delicious and purposeful way to bring Primal quality lamb to their dinner bowl.

The Primal Bowl Builder will guide you through the process of creating a balanced, nutritious meal for your companion. In addition to choosing a complete and balanced foundation, you’ll also find hydration products like bone broth and goat milk as well as Fresh and Raw Toppers in a variety of proteins suitable for topping off any meal!

No matter what protein you choose, you can trust the quality and intention behind each and every Primal Pet Foods product!