NEW: Probiotics for Safety!

NEW: Probiotics for Safety! NEW: Probiotics for Safety!
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Primal is excited to announce a new safety standard in our Freeze-Dried Toppers and Freeze-Dried Balanced Bases to combat potential pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli and listeria. Through the use of these incredible probiotics, we’re providing a level of safety that starts before the product goes into the bag and continues when the product goes home and even after the bag is opened.

How They Work

The bacteria found in our ecosystem, GI tracts, and in some foods, all require physical space and resources to survive. In a process known as competitive exclusion, the probiotics we add outcompete any potentially harmful pathogens for these resources, effectively eliminating these microorganisms. This mechanism of safety allows our probiotic strains to continue to fight harmful pathogenic bacteria, long after it leaves our warehouse.

Primal Leads the Pack with Safety

Primal has always adhered to a science-forward approach, always striving for the most optimal safety and quality measures. Historically, HPP, test & hold procedures, or a combination of these measures allowed Primal’s raw options to meet FDA’s Zero Tolerance Policy (as it relates to pathogenic bacteria).

As science and understanding of raw & fresh food advances, so does our understanding of the safety measures that are available. Although not new in the vast amount of research in food safety, the addition of probiotics as a safety step is relatively new to pet foods. After extensive research, both internally and externally at third party facilities, we have been able to show without a doubt that the addition of non-pathogenic bacterial cultures (probiotics) keeps our Freeze-Dried Products free from harmful pathogenic bacteria for the pets who consume them and humans who handle them.

What About Frozen Items?

We are still researching the efficacy of the competitive exclusion process on our frozen products.  All our frozen Balanced Bases utilize HPP as well as our test and hold protocol to ensure safety prior to sale. HPP, though time intensive, is incredibly effective at eliminating any pathogen to make sure all products going out our doors are meeting the FDA zero pathogen policy.

Learn More

Visit our Quality & Safety page to learn about the steps Primal takes to provide high quality whole food nutrition for pets.