Pleasing Your Picky Pets

Pleasing Your Picky Pets Pleasing Your Picky Pets
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Has your pet gone from devouring every meal you put in front of them to turning their nose up at their favorite food? Once you’ve ruled out any health issues, it’s time to look at their feeding habits and the food you’re giving your picky pet. 

For any cat or dog, it’s important to cut out habits like feeding your pet too many treats or too much human food. Table scraps can build a sense of entitlement and cause them to pass on their regular meal. Portion control is also crucial for maintaining healthy eating habits for our pets—feeding them too much at breakfast could cause a loss of appetite at dinner time. Sticking to a set feeding schedule with specific mealtimes instead of free feeding can help your furry friend build an appetite and eat more readily.

But, what do you do when they’re still not interested?

Pacifying Your Particular Pup

Give your dog a job: Dogs, especially certain breeds, love having “work” to do. Before they get their meal, have your dog perform a trick so they will feel like you’re rewarding them for a job well done! 

Rotate proteins: Have you ever eaten the same leftovers or meal prep for a week straight? Eating the same foods can become boring, and that goes for our pets as well! If your dog starts to lose interest in their food, try a different protein option. Primal’s Balanced Bases are all available in a wide variety of proteins to please any pet’s palate! 

Add something special: Getting a picky eater to enjoy mealtime again can be as simple as adding a little something extra to their food. Try Primal Bone Broth for a splash of hydration and flavor, or add a Market Mix Raw Topper for a boost of high-quality protein & organic produce. Not only will you be giving your pup wholesome, fresh food, but they’ll think they’re getting a special treat at dinner time! 

Making Your Finicky Feline Happy

Rotate early: Cats are imprint eaters, which means they develop a preference for certain flavors, textures, and smells over time. Feeding cats the same meal at a young age may lead them to resist trying new things as they get older. Rotating meals for your kitten can keep you from having a picky cat!

Adjust their social setting: Cats, for the most part, are very independent animals, and sometimes want alone time while they enjoy dinner. If their food dish lives in a heavily trafficked area of your home, it could lead to mealtime avoidance. Try placing your cat’s bowl in a calmer area of the house and see if their appetite returns with a little peace & quiet!

Add a splash of hydration: Sometimes all it takes to get your cat back on the right track with feeding is mixing in a bit of moisture to their meal. Mixing Primal Goat Milk with canned or dry food not only helps them stay hydrated, but also gives them a boost of functional nutrients to help with digestion!

Slow and steady: If you’re making any changes to your cat’s diet, it’s important to do so slowly. Adding a new type of food too quickly can set off alarm bells that might make your furry friend avoid meals altogether. 

When it comes to our pets, we’ll do anything to make them happy—which is why it can be a stressful situation when they suddenly aren’t fans of their food. Hopefully, with these tips, you can figure out how to please those picky pets! Or, give our interactive Bowl Builder a try to discover all of the ways you can mix up your pet’s diet and find something they’ll love to eat.