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From preparing a feast featuring corned beef to enjoying green-dyed beverages, humans all around the world take part in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Now, your four-legged friends can have some special treats of their own to help them get in the spirit! Using their favorite Primal products, this recipe gives dogs and cats some bowl-boosting snacks we call Puppy Charms! 


  • Power Greens Fresh Topper or Green Goodness Goat Milk+
  • Original Goat Milk
  • Awesome Squash Fresh Topper or Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk+


  1. Using a silicone treat mold (perhaps shaped like shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold), spoon Power Greens or Green Goodness into the shapes until they reach about a third of the height of the molds.
    Step 1
  2. Freeze until solid
  3. Add Primal Original Goat Milk for the next layer, filling about 2/3 of each shape.Step 3
  4. Freeze until solid
  5. Use Awesome Squash or Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk+ to fill the final third of the molds, and freeze until solid. Final

You’ll end up with fun-shaped treats that feature colorful layers of orange, white, and green! Serve them on top of their favorite meal, or place them in a bowl by themselves for a tasty snack.

Sláinte!Final Product