Tips for Pet-Friendly Travel

ROAD TRIP!: Tips for Pet-Friendly Travel ROAD TRIP!: Tips for Pet-Friendly Travel
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School’s out and families everywhere are morphing into vacation mode — and no summer break is complete without a road trip! If your “kids” are of the furry variety, here a few tips for keeping them calm, cool and comfortable for miles — wherever your adventures take you.

Don’t Feed & Drive 

To prevent your dog or cat from getting an upset stomach in the car, withhold food at least 4 hours before planned travel*. If your pet has a particularly sensitive tummy and are hitting the road early in the morning, consider skipping dinner the evening before as well. Your pal will be just fine, and will be a much happier travel companion.

Food Safety

For raw fed pets, long distance traveling is easier than ever before. At Primal, we offer many different varieties to suit pets’ (and pet parents’) needs, including complete, balanced freeze-dried varieties that do not require refrigeration unless rehydrated with water. For this reason and because of its ease of use, we recommend traveling with freeze-dried formula. But if you need to bring Primal Pet Foods Raw Frozen varieties on your journey, make sure to store tightly sealed portions in a clean, dedicated cooler packed the proper amount of ice. As a general rule, fresh food can last for three days in a cooler stocked with ice before it must be discarded**.


While fasting is recommended immediately before travel, withholding water is never advised. Make sure your pet has access to cool, fresh water at all times to prevent dehydration and the potential health risks associated with it.

Cool Off 

If your pet is securely crated in your vehicle during travel, they won’t have as much room to sprawl out as they would at home. As a result of the close quarters, they might get a little hot under the collar — particularly if the crate is not in the direct line of an air conditioning vent or window. Consider purchasing a cooling pet mat to help stabilize their temperature while you’re on the road. And remember, never leave a pet in a hot car — even with the windows down!

Take a Break

Don’t forget — pets need bathroom breaks, too! Stop more frequently than you might if you were traveling solo, and ensure your furry friend has had ample opportunity to relieve himself and stretch his legs before heading back on the road. For cats, you can keep a small, disposable litter box in their crate for the length of the journey.

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