Rotational Feeding:
How It Can Benefit Your Pet

Rotational Feeding: How It Can Benefit Your Pet Rotational Feeding: How It Can Benefit Your Pet
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Ever get bored of eating the same thing all the time? Your dog or cat might be, too! Feeding your dog or cat the same thing, day after day, might be easy, but there are many benefits to switching up their meals. Rotational feeding offers your pet a variety of nutrients and flavors, helping them to enjoy their meals and thrive.

Switch Things Up

Different meat proteins naturally have different ratios of nutrients. All Primal Formulas are complete and balanced of course, but the wide range of acceptable levels of proteins and fats, as well as micronutrients like B vitamins, zinc, and iron means that each Primal Formula differs slightly and can offer your pet a different source of each nutrient. Maybe this week they’ll get iron from pork liver, next week their calcium from chicken necks, and some boosted omega-3 oils from sardines after that. Variety in our foods isn’t just for flavor! We are all individuals and so are our pets. Rotation and variety ensure that your pet absorbs each nutrient optimally.


It’s a common misconception that feeding the same protein for a long period of time can cause a food allergy or sensitivity. There are many theories about the cause of food sensitivity reactions and most believe that it’s a combination of many factors. Regardless of the cause, a healthy GI tract can certainly prevent food sensitivity reactions. Fresh whole foods, like those found in Primal, keep your dog or cat’s digestive tract healthy and protected. If your pet is sensitive to chicken, then try a similar poultry protein like duck. Sensitive to beef? Try venison or pork.

Take the Pressure Off

Having options allows you to feel more free about what you feed your pet. For many pets, it’s best to start rotation feeding when they are young so they get used to the variety, but older pets can also adapt. When you feed rotationally, you don’t have to worry if your preferred protein isn’t in stock at your local pet store because your pet will likely have multiple favorites. Plus, you can supplement and enhance meals with Raw Bones, Raw Goat Milk, Bone Broth, and treats! With so many options, there’s no need to stress–both you and your pet can enjoy mealtimes more.

Rotational feeding is one more way you can enhance your pet’s diet and their mealtime experience. To start, alternate between two different proteins, and then add more options from there if you’d like.

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