Simply Sup-herb: The Benefits of Herbaceous Plants

Simply Sup-herb: The Benefits of Herbaceous Plants Simply Sup-herb: The Benefits of Herbaceous Plants
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When it comes to your pet’s meal, they love a dash of flavor just like us! Celery, cilantro, and parsley are a few special ingredients that we toss in our entrees, and (as it turns out), are also full of nutritional benefits for our pets. Read on to discover how each one of these herbaceous plants can benefit your dog or cat.



Celery is an excellent source of fiber, which can aid your pet’s digestion and because celery is about 95% water, it also adds beneficial hydration to mealtime! Celery is also rich in manganese and vitamin K, which help support blood circulation, and vitamin C and beta-carotene, which can provide immunity and anti-inflammatory benefits.



A sprinkle of cilantro adds a unique flavor to some of our dishes, but when it comes to our pets this tasty herb is full of nutritional benefits! Vitamin K helps bind heavy metals in your pet’s bloodstream, and cilantro is full of it! This herb also has antioxidant properties from vitamin A and immune-boosting power from vitamin C. 



Like other herbaceous plants, parsley contains vitamins A, C, and K for a boost of antioxidants and immunity support. Parsley is also a source of calcium for strong bones and healthy joints in our pets. In addition, antioxidants found in parsley support organ function and can even help with freshening your pet’s breath!


When it comes to adding all of these powerful plants to your pet’s meal, there’s no need to chop these yourself. Instead, give our Power Greens Fresh Topper a try! This aromatic whole food topper has all three of these herbs and is an easy addition to any complete meal. You can also find organic parsley in most of our Balanced Bases! Find these Primal products and more at your local pet store to add a fresh boost to your pet’s bowl!