Introducing Kibble in the Raw!
The Future of Kibble is Here

Introducing Kibble in the Raw! The Future of Kibble is Here Introducing Kibble in the Raw! The Future of Kibble is Here
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest breakthrough innovation - Kibble in the Raw! It is a revolutionary product that combines the power of raw nutrition with the convenience of kibble. Made to nourish your pup’s primal needs, each recipe is crafted with premium, whole-foods and raw ingredients that optimize nutrition and digestibility to help keep them in their prime.

How It's Different

By leveling up from your current kibble to Kibble in the Raw, you’re able to offer the real whole food, raw nutrition they need to thrive without having to change your routine. Each Kibble in the Raw recipe is crafted with thoughtfully selected, premium and raw ingredients to deliver optimized nutrition.

Each ingredient is uniquely prepared to maximize its nutritional value before being artfully combined and freeze-dried into bites so you are able to scoop and serve! Unlike traditional kibble, Kibble in the Raw features Freeze-Dried Raw protein, visible ingredients, and no synthetic vitamins & minerals. And because each recipe is freeze-dried and not cooked at high heat, it maintains its optimal nutrition and taste while being as convenient and easy to feed as the kibble youre using today!

Easily Unlock the Power of Raw

By feeding your pet Kibble in the Raw, you're providing them with the necessary raw nutrition they need to thrive, while also supporting healthy weight, skin and coat, oral health, clear eyes, and more.

Raw nutrition isn't just a trend – it’s beneficial for your pet's overall health and well-being. Incorporating raw proteins, like Kibble in the Raw, are biologically appropriate for pets, meaning they’re highly digestible, especially compared to no-raw, traditional kibble formulas. And when they're more digestible, they allow for better absorption of nutrients to support vitality and longevity.

Light Doesn't Mean Less

It may feel like less, but it's not. With Kibble in the Raw, you're getting more out of every pound – our lightweight 9lb bag provides a full 4 weeks of feeding for the average 35lb dog.

Find Kibble in the Raw at a Store Near You

Ready to upgrade your pet's nutrition? You can find Kibble in the Raw at your neighborhood pet stores. It's time to wave goodbye to compromise and hello to a new era of pet food – one that combines the convenience of kibble with the power of raw nutrition.

The Final Scoop

With Kibble in the Raw, you can serve like kibble, nourish like raw, and provide your pet with the nutrition they truly need to thrive. By incorporating it into your dog's diet, you're making a proactive choice to prioritize their health and happiness, ensuring that they live their best life by your side for dog years to come. Make the switch today and discover how one small change can make all the difference.