The Pet Sitter’s Guide to Raw

The Pet Sitter’s Guide to Raw The Pet Sitter’s Guide to Raw
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“Your pet eats what?”

While biologically appropriate raw food diets are gaining popularity due to superior nutritional value and health benefits, many pet owners field this question any time they must board their beloved companion or leave them in the care of a pet sitter. 

In reality, Primal Pet Foods and other responsibly manufactured raw pet foods brands are just as safe as any can or kibble pet food on the shelf. So, if your pet sitter is new to raw, help educate them on proper feeding and safe handling procedures with our easy video tutorials. By sharing the knowledge, you just might make a raw convert out of them, as well!

How to Feed Primal Raw Formulas

How to Feed Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas

Leaving on an extended trip? Your petsitter might also want to give your fur baby a healthy treat. Make sure they know how and when to feed our Recreational and Raw Meaty Bones.

How to Feed Primal Raw Meaty & Recreational Bones

Know someone who is interested in starting their pet on raw? Refer them to our ingredient benefits page to learn how their pet can thrive on a species appropriate diet!