Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit

Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit
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When it comes to overall health, eating well is only half the battle. Just like humans, dogs require regular exercise to keep them vibrant and thriving — both mentally and physically. Of course, every dog is different and the level of recommended activity can vary greatly depending on age, breed and unique needs. Regardless of their stage in life, every dog can benefit from a little excitement and variety in their routine. Here are a few stimulating activities to keep your pooch entertained and on the path to optimal health!

It’s All Fun and Games

Food dispensing toys are a wonderful way to pique your dog’s interest. Choose a nutritious treat like any of our Primal Snaps, Munchies, Chips or Dry Roasted Strips or a bit of his regular food. Even a frozen cube or two of Primal Raw Goat Milk makes an excellent lure. Sit back and watch as your dog enthusiastically tries to coax every last crumb out of his new favorite toy. Just watch how much Chewy loves his Planet Dog Nook ball toy!

Make a Splash

It’s no secret that most dogs love to swim — and it’s wonderful for their health! Because it’s a low-impact exercise, swimming carries minimal risk for injury or strain on the joints*. The issue most pet owners run into is finding a pet-friendly swimming hole where everyone can cool off together. If you’re looking to make a splash with your pet, BringFido is an excellent resource for locating a body of water where dogs are welcome.

You Are What You Eat

Whether you decide to play fetch more often, hit the dog park a few extra times a week, or simply add an evening stroll into your pet’s routine, what you feed your pet is still just as important as what you do to keep them active. Switching your pet to a raw, species appropriate diet will allow them to more easily digest and assimilate nutrients while reducing stress on the body. Many commercial dog foods are made with wheat, corn, and soy — three of the leading allergy-causing ingredients in pets. At Primal, we never include these ingredients in our foods.

Primal Pet Foods are made with 100% USDA, edible-grade ingredients including fresh antibiotic- and steroid-free proteins with no added hormones, certified organic fruits and vegetables, and food-based vitamins and minerals. Whether you decide to choose Primal or another responsible pet food brand, feeding your pet a complete, balanced raw diet will give them fuel to play on for years to come!

Want to learn more about interactive toys and the best food choices for your pet? Talk with the experts at your local independent pet specialty retailer.