Primal Pet Foods:
What’s In It?

Primal Pet Foods: What’s In It? Primal Pet Foods: What’s In It?
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Just like humans, pets require a complete and balanced diet to thrive. And, just like with human food, there are a dizzying array of options available, all claiming to be the best, most delicious, and most nutritious. But alas, all pet foods are not created equal.

At Primal, our pets are considered dear members of our family. In fact, our founder Matt Koss developed Primal Pet Foods in an effort to aid the health of his own dog, Luna, after she began displaying early signs of renal failure. After switching her to the a biologically appropriate raw foods diet (which would later become the first iteration of Primal) he immediately saw an increase in energy, improved desire to consume food, and an overall sense of happiness in Luna. The results sparked Matt to share the benefits of a high-quality Primal diet with the world.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Crafted with quality USDA proteins, Primal Formulas incorporate fresh, preservative-, antibiotic-, and steroid-free whole muscle meat, organ meat and meaty bones with no additional hormones. This high-quality protein provides the essential amino acids, fatty acids, active enzymes and natural-source calcium necessary to support the overall health of your pet.

Species Appropriate

Since dogs and cats are very different animals, having diets formulated with each of their needs in mind makes perfect sense. Feeding a species appropriate raw diet allows animals to easily digest food and assimilate nutrients without putting stress on the body, as it would in the wild. Many commercial animal foods are based on wheat, corn and soy — three of the leading allergy-causing ingredients in dogs and cats. Because of the negative effects of these ingredients on the health of animals both internally and externally, we never use them in our products.

Made in Nature

All of our formulas also incorporate wholesome, certified organic fruits and vegetables providing essential food-based vitamins and minerals. The addition of certified organic unrefined supplements in our Formulas line offers your pet the benefit of a complete and balanced diet without the addition of synthetic vitamins. Consumers can also rest assure that all of the ingredients contained in our product line-up are purveyed from suppliers recognized for their superior-quality and exceptionally high standards of safe food handling.

Better Food for a Better Life

Want your pet to experience the benefits of Primal? Try our Pronto trial size or learn more about transitioning your pet to a superior nutrition source.