Primal’s Ultimate Guide to Joint Health

Primal’s Ultimate Guide to Joint Health Primal’s Ultimate Guide to Joint Health
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Whether your pets are incredibly active or professional loungers, their joint health can play a big part in their overall mood, energy level, and willingness to exercise. Joint pain can be uncomfortable and even eventually lead to more serious problems, such as immobility and osteoarthritis. Joint issues are more common in older pets but can occur at any age.

To help you tackle this common problem with confidence, we’ve put together our ultimate guide to recognizing and addressing your pet’s joint problems using fresh, whole foods from Primal!

Possible Signs of Joint Discomfort

  • Limping or lameness
  • Favoring one leg over another
  • Moving stiffly and slowly
  • Avoiding lying down or traversing stairs
  • Noticeable swelling of the joints
  • Obsessive licking around the affected joint
  • Trouble in engaging in normal physical activities

Talk to Your Vet

If you notice any of the above symptoms, call your trusted veterinary practice for medical advice. Don’t have a local vet yet? Here’s our vet locator of Primal-supportive partners.  

Primal Products to Promote Joint Health

  • Primal Bone Broth is full of quality collagen and gelatin, with the proteins necessary for forming and repairing connective tissue. 
  • Our Omega Mussel Mélange is rich in omega fatty acids, which help keep your pet’s joints healthy.
  • Primal Goat Milk contains turmeric & cinnamon, both well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. 

Joint Juice Recipe

  • Joint Juice is a mighty mixture of our Omega Mussel Mélange and Primal Bone Broth. Together, these two whole food supplements can provide the ultimate in both joint protection and arthritis prevention.

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