Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Pet

Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Pet Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Pet
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet is special. Who better to share a day full of unconditional love with than your pet? 

Enjoy the little things and learn how our treats help you take care of your pet in more ways than one. Here are some treat ideas for your pets to ask your pet “Woof You Be Mine?”

Image of The GOAT packaging, treats for cats

The G.O.A.T

Is your cat “The Greatest of All Time”? With thoughtfully-sourced chicken & goat milk, blended with probiotics for immunity support, we think your cat will agree: these treats are the G.O.A.T. 

What better way to show them you love them than offering up great treats for the greatest? Perfect for a little Valentine’s Day dessert that will have your cat cuddling up with you for a purr-fect quiet night in. 

Image of product packaging for "Pumpkin for my Pumpkin" Dog treats

Pumpkin for my Pumpkin

Who’s your little Pumpkin Pie? Nicknames for our pets are essential if you ask us. Our pets are good sports about it, so sweeten the deal and make up new names for extra fun.

Give your pup-kin something to bark about with our Pumpkin for my Pumpkin treats, made with thoughtfully-sourced chicken, pumpkin, goat milk, and gut-supporting probiotics. They’re crunchy, high-protein, and full of love!

Image of product packaging for "You're my Butter Half" Dog treats

You're My Butter Half

You and your pup together are two halves of a perfect whole – until peanut butter comes into the mix. If your pup is a big fan of peanut butter, give these treats a try. Give your own ‘butter’ half something to bark about with these treats. They’re made with thoughtfully-sourced chicken, nutty peanut butter, goat milk, and gut-supporting probiotics. Made for pups who want a perfect protein treat after a great day out with you!

Image of product packaging for "You Maple My Day" Dog treats

You Maple My Day

What makes your day? Coming home to see your pet after work or time snuggled up together on the couch? Do the things you love on Valentine’s Day with those you love! No need for anything fancy. Some fun times shared with your favorite four-legged friends will do. 

Let your pups know they “Maple Your Day” with our thoughtfully-sourced pork treats, elevated with organic maple, goat milk, and gut-supporting probiotics.

Image of product packaging for "Peelin' Fantastic" Dog treats

Peelin' Fantastic 

How’s everybody “‘peelin’” about Valentine’s Day? Freshen up for this day full of love by spending extra quality time with your pet. Take a drive to go get a new toy and feel present in the moment with your pup. 

Top it off with some treaties! With thoughtfully-sourced chicken, organic banana, goat milk, and gut-supporting probiotics, your pup will be Peelin' Fantastic with these treats.

Treat Your Pet this Valentine’s Day! 

Take today and every day to enjoy the little moments together and make them feel special – or acknowledge just how special they really are in the moment. We have plenty of options to help you treat your pets. These freeze-dried morsels are crafted with simple ingredients and probiotics that come in varieties for both dogs & cats. 

Whether it’s a walk to the park, cuddle time, or a treat to top off a perfect day, those little moments mean everything to your dog and cat. Show them some extra love on this day of love with treats from Primal!