What Does Biologically Appropriate Really Mean?

What Does Biologically Appropriate Really Mean? What Does Biologically Appropriate Really Mean?
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At Primal, we define “biologically appropriate” as the specific combination of foods that is both most appropriate and most beneficial for your pet’s species, whether they are a dog or a cat. Not only do Primal Balanced Bases include exclusively animal protein and fresh, organic whole foods, but the quality and dietary purpose of each protein, vegetable, and fruit is carefully considered for its flavor and nutrient profile. From there, each formula takes into account the species of your pet and the differing nutritional needs between dogs and cats, resulting in a diet that meets the Primal ideal standard for biologically appropriate.

Simply put, dogs and cats are carnivores; a raw meat-based diet offers the greatest nutritional value to a carnivore. Raw fed pets experience more nutrient absorption with less stool, cleaner teeth, healthy skin and coat with less shedding, and an ideal energy level. Primal formulas reflect the specific needs of each pet – dogs are opportunistic carnivores and cats are obligate carnivores, which means they have different nutritional needs. 

So what makes a raw diet different from processed foods like kibble? Raw foods are rich with nutrients necessary to maintain a thriving pet. Alongside vitamins and minerals are enzymes and amino acids. These are required in abundance for our pet’s bodies to function appropriately. The cooking process destroys enzymes and breaks down amino acids, changing their structure which can make them harder to digest. While dogs can produce their own taurine, cats cannot. This means that cats need increased levels of taurine in their daily meals, as it is a critical amino acid behind many of the body’s most basic functions. 

Dogs and cats require food with a high moisture content. Ideally they should obtain the majority of their water from the food they eat. When pets consistently eat dry foods, they are at greater risk for dehydration. Additionally, kibble requires a starch binder to hold the food together. Our pets do not produce significant amounts of the enzyme necessary to digest starch. Consuming foods with a high starch content leads to more plaque buildup on teeth over time as well as greater (and smellier) stool volume. Click here to learn more about the differences between raw and processed diets.

Biologically Appropriate = Species Specific

Dog – Opportunistic Carnivore: 
Require a significant amount of amino acids, preferably from meat proteins. 
Obtain nutrients from a variety of plants., 
Synthesize their own taurine from other essential amino acids., 
Almost no starch digesting enzymes in their saliva. - 
Gain majority of amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, and moisture from raw muscle meat, organ meat, and bone., 
Can absorb and utilize some vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients from whole foods like fruits, vegetables, oils, and seeds, Lack significant enzymes necessary to digest starch. - 
Cat – Obligate Carnivore: 
Require proteins for fuel as well as amino acids & vitamins that can only be provided by meat proteins. , 
Obtain a small amount of nutrients from select plants.
Must consume taurine in its whole form from their food source. 
No starch digesting enzymes in their saliva.

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Quality Ingredients for Exceptional Formulas 

High-quality, fresh pet food starts with the best ingredients. That is why we rigorously select and source our ingredients from vendors who humanely raise, sustainably grow, and responsibly process all of the proteins, certified organic produce, and unrefined food-based vitamins and minerals in our products.

All Primal complete formulas are based around quality raw animal protein, which means only muscle meat, organs, and bone. All animal protein in Primal products is guaranteed fresh, free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids, and sourced from partnering farms and ranches selected for their quality and transparency. Our premium, hand-selected proteins contain the essential amino acids, fatty acids, active enzymes, and naturally-sourced calcium that your pet needs from their daily meals.

Each Balanced Base is accompanied by the vitamins and minerals found naturally in fresh, organic foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds and oils. These aren’t just any fruits and vegetables. The whole foods used in Primal complete formulas are chosen for their targeted benefits to your pet’s natural immunity, joint health, and digestive tract. To accomplish the same effect, many meat-only diets will include synthetic supplements instead of the natural foods that contain similar or superior levels of nutrients. The use of fresh, whole food supplements adds additional vitamins and minerals to your pet’s meal and contain antioxidants, phytonutrients, and plant fibers that can aid in digestion and support your pet’s gut health.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re curious to explore more of Primal’s options for crafting a daily meal that is full of biologically appropriate nutrition, there’s no better place to start than our online Bowl Builder.