Winter Playtime with Your Pup

Winter Playtime with Your Pup Winter Playtime with Your Pup
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Brr! As the temperatures drop, some humans and pups prefer the coziness of the indoors. But, the frostier months bring on new opportunities to keep your pup entertained! If you and your dog prefer to head outdoors when temps are warmer, try out these engaging indoor activities to get you through the winter.


If you’re like us, you probably have an endless routine of picking up all of the toys your pup gets spoiled with. A fun activity to try in the winter is teaching your dog to clean up after themselves! To get started, grab a couple of your dog’s favorite toys, the basket or box you store them in, and some treats.

Sit near the toy box and encourage your dog to bring you one of their toys lying on the floor. Once they do, hold the treat out above the box. Ideally, your pooch will drop the toy over the box and go after the treat. Just as they let go, associate a command with the action like “pick up your toys.” With enough repetition, your playful pup will become the perfect housemate! 


To keep your pup fit (and out of trouble) make sure they are getting physical stimulation. With snow and ice on the ground, it’s not as tempting to go for a long walk or a run through the neighborhood. To keep your pet in shape during the colder days, bring the exercise routine indoors!

Get your steps in by using the staircase for a workout! Grab a ball and have your pup sit next to you at the bottom of your stairs. Toss the ball up the staircase so your dog can go retrieve it, turning this into a more physically demanding game of fetch. Playing for 10 to 20 minutes will not only give your pup a good workout but will also tire them out enough to take a long nap afterward.


If your dog is a bit older, or if you don’t have stairs in your home, try doggy yoga! Roll out a yoga mat or blanket on the floor and entice your dog to lie down next to you by using small treats. Stretch out on the mat, but use one hand to pet your furry companion on the back. The idea is to keep them calm and focused, and over time they might even start stretching out next to you! 

From there you can start incorporating different poses that work for both you and your dog. If you can get your four-legged friend to sit next to you on a yoga mat, practice calm breathing exercises while petting them. Not only will you both be staying fit and happy, but you’ll also be forming a stronger bond with one another!


When the temperature drops and the air gets drier, having a spa day is a fun way to pass the time that can help keep your dog relaxed and healthy. Run a warm bath with your favorite dog shampoos and conditioners to keep your pet’s coat and skin soft during the winter. You can also incorporate a nice head-to-tail brushing and nail clipping for a full day of pup pampering!


Sometimes the easiest way to entertain our furry friends in winter is to just keep it simple. Treat dispensing toys work on your dog’s problem-solving skills with tasty rewards in the process. You can also try hiding treats around rooms of your home and challenging your pup to find them.

Being stuck indoors during the colder months can be tough for our four-legged friends. Hopefully, these tips and tricks help keep them entertained and out of trouble. Make the most out of your moments inside and before you know it, you’ll have a well-behaved pup who’s ready to enjoy the outdoors when the warm months return!