Ambassador Program
Terms & Conditions


This Ambassador Program is operated by Primal Pet Foods, Inc. (“Primal”). The Program is governed by these Terms & Conditions, Primal’s commercial Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and the linked GRIN Terms of Use (TOU”) and GRIN Privacy Policy, as may be applicable. By participating in the Program you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all such terms, conditions and policies. Please read them carefully.

We reserve the right to change, including delete, any part of these Terms & Conditions by posting the changes. It’s your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes.

Terms & Conditions

(1) The Ambassador Program is operated using and through the GRIN referral platform and the GRIN TOU and Privacy Policy also apply to the program to that extent. Primal has no input into or responsibility or liability for GRIN’s privacy or information security practices, including what GRIN may do with Ambassadors’ information submitted to GRIN.

(2) Primal’s Privacy Policy also applies while Ambassadors are on Primal’s website and may otherwise apply to the Ambassador Program generally, including as to Ambassador information shared on the GRIN site/platform that Primal may access or use. Nothing in GRIN’s TOUs or Privacy Policy, nor in Primal’s, is intended to nor shall waive or limit any rights which cannot be waived or limited under applicable law.

(3) All Ambassador posts must be truthful and accurate, must not disparage any other product or third-party, and cannot misuse trademarks or incorporate material, including intellectual property such as content, photographs or music, belonging to others without proper permission.

(4) In accordance with the GRIN TOUs, all posts must comply with all applicable laws including licensing laws, if any, and the requirement that Ambassador’s openly disclose that they got product from Primal or any other association they may have with Primal, if any.

(5) Ambassadors give Primal an irrevocable, non-exclusive worldwide license as to all posts.

(6) Primal does not seek to control or direct and does not control or direct what Ambassadors post or how. While Ambassadors may get product from Primal, they will get no compensation of any form and no reimbursement of any expenses, if any. Any product they get from Primal is subject to Primal’s standard commercial T&Cs.

(7) Ambassadors are not Primal employees, contractors or other agents. Ambassadors are voluntary freelance content and marketing creators and posters who post for their own reasons. Each post stands on its own and there is no continuing relationship or any promise of additional posting or other opportunities.

(8) All Ambassadors must be at least 18 years of age.