Made with the highest quality, food-based nutrients and human-edible proteins, Primal Raw Formulas are a nutritionally superior, cost-effective choice over dry kibble or canned wet food brands. When feeding your pet Primal, you’ll typically be able to serve less volume of food per day than a diet based on processed pet foods may require — a biologically appropriate raw food diet allows for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients than a traditional processed pet food diet.

Primal Pet Foods are appropriate for dogs and cats of all life stages. For adult pets over 1 year old, our suggestion is to feed your pet based on the 2-3% rule. Feed 2-3% of your pet's body weight, divided into two daily servings.

Take the guesswork out of mealtime with our handy feeding calculator!

STEP 1: Determine Feeding Percentages

To calculate the approximate amount of Primal to feed your pet, you’ll first need to determine their feeding percentages based on age, activity level and weight.* Select your pet’s percentage based on the table below.

Feeding Percentages

1.5% Weight Loss

2.0% Non-Active

2.5% Maintain Weight

3.0% Slight Weight Gain

3.5% Significant Weight Gain

4.0% Kittens/Puppies (8 weeks-1 year)

4.5-8.0% Kittens/Puppies (4-8 weeks)**

4.0-8.0% Pregnant/Lactating

STEP 2: Choose Your Products

One you’ve selected the appropriate feeding level, enter it into the feeding calculator along with your pet's current weight and desired Primal products to estimate how much to feed per meal, per day and per week.

STEP 3: Calculate!

Once you’ve filled out all required fields, press calculate. The calculator is intended to help calculate feeding amounts of our complete and balanced formulas (Frozen, Freeze-Dried, and Pronto). It will also help determine up to 30% optional supplemental feeding of raw meaty bones, grinds or mixes for experienced raw feeders.

Feeding Guide Quick Reference

Maintain Weight for Healthy, Adult:

Primal Feeding Calculator

calories per day.
Amount of selected formula to feed per day:
Amount to feed per meal, twice daily:

Estimated Weekly Purchasing Quantities


Puppies and Kittens

At as young as 4 weeks of age, you can begin to introduce your puppy or kitten to Primal Formulas in conjunction with either the milk they consume from nursing and/or other foods you may be supplementing. At 8 weeks of age, the puppy or kitten should be fully weaned and can be fed a diet solely of Primal  Formulas.

**Not sure what feeding percentage to use for your 4-8 week old puppy or kitten? We recommend starting at 6% of their body weight and adjusting up or down if necessary.

Puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age to one year old should be fed approximately 4% of their body weight daily in Primal Formulas.

Ready to start feeding raw?

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