Primal Pronto

Perfect for busy pet parents, Pronto thaws in minutes and comes in a convenient bite-sized, easy-to-portion format—just scoop & serve! Pronto is available in a variety of protein options for both dogs and cats, and can be served on its own or added to any diet for a boost of whole food nutrition.

Canine Pronto Formulas

Adding fresh to your dog’s bowl is easy with Pronto. Available in six different formulas to suit every palate, Primal’s Canine Pronto Formulas are made with the highest-quality protein and Certified Organic produce and are crafted especially for your dog.

Feline Pronto Formulas

Available in five different formulas to please even the pickiest of cats, Primal’s Feline Pronto Formulas are made with high-quality meats and Certified Organic produce to help you add raw to any meal—in a snap!

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