What’s Flavor to Fido?
3 Simple Ways Taste Matters to Your Pet

What’s Flavor to Fido? 3 Simple Ways Taste Matters to Your Pet What’s Flavor to Fido? 3 Simple Ways Taste Matters to Your Pet
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Humans have about five times more taste buds than the average dog—but, that doesn’t mean that your best friend can’t tell the difference between flavorless slop and fine cuisine. While dogs and cats experience taste in a way that’s very different from their human parents, they certainly have their own favorites and preferences, as well as those things they will often avoid.

So, how much does your pet actually taste? And, how much does taste matter when you’re searching for the perfect feeding routine? Here are the 3 basic ways that flavor can influence your pet’s diet:

A Love for Tasty Smells

Full bowl of dog food

Not surprisingly, when “tasting” and enjoying their food, your pets are just as likely to use their noses as they are to use their tongues. Dogs may not have as many taste buds, but their noses are equipped with over 125 million sensory glands and a special organ for “tasting” the smells around them. Dogs and cats are very attracted to things that smell like meat, and they tend to find very strong smells especially appetizing—hence the reason you might find them eating your trash!


Taste Buds Tuned to Water


Believe it or not, dogs and cats actually have taste buds that are fine-tuned to the many flavors of water! Located on the tips of their tongues, these receptors are especially sensitive right after eating salty or sugary foods, which helps your pet crave water when it’s most in need of hydration.

Primal’s complete formulas are designed to provide your pet with a perfect amount of hydration during mealtime, while our topper and hydration options can bring more moisture to even the driest kibble. 


No Salt, More Meat

No salt more meat

In stark contrast to humans, dogs and cats have never developed an affinity for salt. In fact, both dogs and cats have separate taste receptors designed specifically for examining different sources of animal protein. Primal’s formulas never add salt and use proteins like duck, beef, or pork for aromatic flavors that your pet can experience and enjoy.

Primal products have the appealing aromas and biologically-appropriate flavors that will have your pet licking the bowl clean! Curious what’s true and what’s not when it comes to feeding your pet a raw diet? Primal has busted and explained the most popular raw feeding myths over at the Primal blog.