3 Tips For Adding Fresh Food To Your Pet’s Meal

 3 Tips For Adding Fresh Food To Your Pet’s Meal  3 Tips For Adding Fresh Food To Your Pet’s Meal
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When it comes to our four-legged friends, we want to make sure they are the happiest and healthiest that they can be by providing them with pet food made from the highest quality ingredients. Whether our pets are on a kibble, canned, or a raw food diet, adding fresh, wholesome food to their mealtime can be a breeze. Here are 3 tips to help you incorporate more fresh food into your pet’s meal.


Making a change to your pet’s diet is something that takes time—so remember it’s okay to go slow! If you’re transitioning a dog or cat to a raw food diet, you’ll want to introduce wholesome, raw pet food to their current meals in small increments over time. Primal Pronto Formulas can make that transition easier by offering a bite-sized, scoop-and-serve format for a convenient addition to your pet’s bowl!  

Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets are another quick, wholesome pet food option to add to your pet’s current diet. Just portion, shred and rehydrate with warm water to add quality nutrients to mealtime!

Primal Frozen Balanced Bases like Nuggets, Patties, or Pronto are other ways you can incorporate raw food into your pet’s diet. Plus, they naturally contain between 60-73% moisture in a single serving! 


Dogs’ and cats’ bodies are composed of 65% moisture. Most of that moisture should come from their food—not just from their water bowl! Most kibble diets only provide 6-10% moisture, which can lead to chronic dehydration in our furry friends. Fortunately, Primal offers some easy solutions to add more moisture to your pet’s bowl!

Try topping kibble with Primal Raw Toppers or Edible Elixirs to easily boost your pet’s bowl with wholesome, fresh ingredients that contain between 70-89% moisture in a single serving. You can also try Primal Bone Broth or Raw Goat Milk. Serve either one as a healthy treat, or pour directly over your pet’s regular meal for a boost of hydration and nutrients! 


If you’re still looking for new ways to add more fresh, wholesome food to your pet’s diet then the Primal Bowl Builder tool is for you! Simply input some basic information about your pet to get started. From there, our Bowl Builder will guide you through the process of adding options like Balanced Bases, Edible Elixirs, or Primal Raw Toppers to a bowl for your dog or cat.

Are you ready to explore more ways to add fresh food to your dog or cat’s bowl? Give the Bowl Builder a try!