3 Tips For Keeping Your Pup Entertained While You’re Away

3 Tips For Keeping Your Pup Entertained While You’re Away 3 Tips For Keeping Your Pup Entertained While You’re Away
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When looking to adopt a dog, one of the first questions most owners ask themselves is whether or not they can provide their pup with all the love and attention they need. Like most pets, dogs require a certain amount of exercise to stay happy and healthy, often depending on their breed, size, and diet. So, if an energetic doggo is left at home without any precautions from their owner, they will quickly find things to chew, knock over, or even destroy. Follow these three steps when leaving your pup home alone to keep them happy—and your house in order!

Provide plenty of stimulation for your dog.

All dogs need time to rest and recuperate, but your fur baby is usually on the prowl for something to experiment with or explore. Providing a variety of toys for your dog when you’re away is an excellent first step in keeping them entertained throughout the day. There are straightforward chew toys, toys with compartments for treats or peanut butter, and toys with sound or interactive components, all of which will help direct and redirect your pup’s boundless energy.

Additionally, you can provide stimulation for your dog by leaving curtains open throughout the house, which allows them to watch things going on outside your windows. Or, turn on the TV before you head to work, leaving video and sound of other animals up to provide reassurance and hold their attention.

If needed, use outside services for more hands-on babysitting.

In some cases, you may need extra help from an outside source to keep your pup happy while you’re gone, especially during longer absences or in extra-small living spaces. You can recruit a dog walker to take your pet for a daily tour of the neighborhood, or you can even set them up with full-time doggie daycare, complete with feedings and organized playtime. 

When you’re home, schedule plenty of exercise for your dog.

Perhaps the best way to prevent your pet from wreaking any havoc on your home during your absence is to provide them with plenty of exercise while you’re at home. Daily walks, games of fetch, or play dates with other dogs can all act as perfect outlets for all your pup’s energy, and the more consistently you schedule these activities, the calmer your dog will be when you’re out of the house.

Your pet is never going to be thrilled when you need to be gone for a long time. But, if you take steps to provide them with plenty of stimulation throughout the day, as well as a good outlet for their “zoomies” the night before, then you are much more likely to come home to a calm and happy doggo.

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