4 Fun Winter Activities For Dogs & Cats

4 Fun Winter Activities For Dogs & Cats 4 Fun Winter Activities For Dogs & Cats
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When it’s cold outside, sometimes all we want to do is cuddle under a blanket with our furry friends. While it’s nice to get cozy every once in a while, keeping your pet active during winter is essential for their health. With a little creativity, you can help your pet get some physical and mental stimulation while they’re stuck indoors.

Create Stimulating Meal Times

During the winter months, keep your pet engaged by making mealtimes more challenging than normal. If your dog or cat has to work for their food, they’ll be both entertained and mentally engaged. You can purchase a puzzle toy or just as easily make one at home. Cut a small hole in a tennis ball for dogs or cut holes in a plastic water bottle for cats. Make sure the holes are big enough that food can come out, but not so big that food just falls out easily – you want it to a challenge for your pet. Use Freeze-Dried Formula if you’re feeding your pet a meal, or use Primal Treats for a fun game.

Build A Cat Fort

Use any leftover boxes from the holidays and build a cardboard mansion for your kitty to explore. Create tunnels for your cat to crawl through and cut holes in boxes so they can peek outside. With a new place to play, hide, and lounge in, your cat will be entertained for hours.  

Training Session

Conduct a training session with your dog or cat. Refresh their memory on old commands and try to teach them a new trick or two. Training provides mental stimulation for your pet, and, depending on how physical the training is, it can help your furry friend get some exercise.

Feed A Raw Bone

As carnivores, dogs and cats are biologically designed to enjoy and excel at chewing, especially on Raw Bones. A raw bone provides mental stimulation while providing a great tooth cleaning. Because your pet has to think about the best way to consume their raw bone, it engages their mind and helps to keep them busy and entertained. Primal raw bones come in various sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your dog or cat.

Enjoy the winter season with your pet!