4 Ways To Restore Your Pet’s Gut Health

4 Ways To Restore Your Pet’s Gut Health 4 Ways To Restore Your Pet’s Gut Health
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Beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, in your pet's gut are key building blocks for overall health. A majority of the immune system lives in the gut. Keeping an abundance of good bacteria in the gut's delicate microbiome can help strengthen the immune system. This could help your dog or cat fight off harmful bacteria, viruses, and everyday toxins as well as to prevent allergies, maintain a healthy weight, and improve the overall quality of life! Read on to learn more about how to restore your pet's gut health.

1. Feed your pet a nutrient-dense, biologically appropriate diet.

Dogs and cats are carnivores that require meat protein in order to maintain optimal health. Raw meats, organs, and bones with organic fruits, vegetables, and food-based vitamins provide a nutrient-rich diet. Raw meat contains live enzymes that create a perfect environment for complete digestibility and absorption of nutrients. Curious about how to transition to raw food, or need help picking the perfect protein for your fur baby? Use our Transitioning Guidelines and our Finding a Primal Protein infographic to help guide you.

2. Introduce probiotics into their diet to build good bacteria. 

Replenish their gut flora from within! Introduce probiotics into their meals, which build microflora and balance their microbiome. Our Raw Goat Milk contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids that are easily absorbed by their digestive systems. Probiotics are added to the milk to increase immune resistance against harmful bacteria, fight intestinal infections, and provide nutritional support in the event of diarrheal diseases. To keep those beneficial probiotics healthy and thriving in your pet's GI tract try our Awesome Squash Fresh Topper, which is packed with soluble fibers to feed and support a healthy microbiome. Any addition to your pet’s diet should be slowly incorporated and monitored. Since our fur babies can’t directly tell us how they are feeling, make sure to closely observe their behavior for cues. 

3. Add bone broth to their food to increase nutrient absorption. 

Bone Broth provides collagen through its easily digestible liquid gelatin. The collagen contains antioxidants, mainly glutathione, which helps to detoxify the liver and restore the gut lining. Adding bone broth to your pet’s meals increases the absorption of nutrients and creates the perfect environment for gut flora to thrive. Primal Broth is rich in glycosaminoglycans because it’s made by slow simmering whole bones including the cartilage and joints. It’s also rich in amino acids, including glycine, which is known for anti-aging benefits. Added bonus: Bone broth helps your pet obtain their daily need for moisture!

4. Maintain daily exercise and play to help reduce stress.

Boost your pet’s physical and mental health with sufficient exercise and playtime. Every cat and dog is different when it comes to their recommended level of exercise, and their needs will change throughout their lives. So, find the right level for the life stage of your fur baby. Reducing stress via exercise will not only keep them entertained and fit but will curb the amount of cortisol their body creates. This hormone can weaken the immune system and cause inflammation. Though cats can be more difficult to exercise, leash training allows you to explore the outdoors together. Offering toys and other animals to engage with can also help both felines and fidos stay fit and feel fantastic. 

Provide your fur baby with delicious, immune-boosting meals that they will love. Find a store near you and start restoring their gut health today!  


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