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Picking A Primal Protein Picking A Primal Protein
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All pets have different nutritional needs and tastes, and some proteins might work better for one pet than another, especially when food allergies or sensitivities come into play. Protein is necessary for many body functions and parts, including organs, tissues, skin, fur, and more. Dogs and cats are designed to get nutrients from meat protein, which helps to keep them healthy and strong.

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We take protein quality very seriously here at Primal Pet Foods. Our Formulas and Raw Toppers are made exclusively with antibiotic- and steroid-free whole muscle meat, organ meat, and meaty bones with no added hormones. Our sourcing of high-quality proteins provides the essential amino acids, fatty acids, active enzymes and natural-source calcium necessary to support the overall health of your pet.

Our pet foods utilize standard proteins like beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey, and novel proteins like duck, rabbit, and venison. Because novel/exotic proteins aren’t usually found in pet foods like standard proteins are, they can be a great option for pets with allergies or sensitivities. 

  • Standard Proteins
  • Exotic proteins

Choosing A Protein

When choosing a formula or a protein base for your dog or cat, start with the one you think your pet will enjoy the most. If you’re not sure what your pet likes, our Pronto trial sizes are a great place to start.

Consider Food Sensitivities

If your pet has a known food allergy or sensitivity, your vet might have specific recommendations to keep their tummies happy. Remember that Primal is grain- and gluten-free as well as corn-, wheat- and soy-free. And each bag only contains the protein that is called out on the front – we don’t hide other proteins in our products.

Don’t Forget To Rotate!

Out in the wild, canines and felines eat a wide variety of protein sources, and your dog or cat will thrive if given access to a variety of different sources of vitamins and amino acids. We recommend rotating through as many proteins as possible. For rotational ideas, try seasonal or holistic feeding. According to traditional Eastern medicine, your pet’s body may respond differently to various proteins. Each food can have a cooling, warming, or neutral effect on the body’s energy or Qi. Rotating proteins based on food energetics can include feeding cooling proteins in warmer months or after a workout and feeding warming proteins when it’s chilly outside.

Choose Based On Ingredient

If you are looking for something specific for your pet, check out our ingredient benefits guide. It details the benefits of each protein so that you can make an informed choice. For example, the guide details which proteins are low in saturated fat, which proteins are rich in zinc (try Beef), and even what protein is high in iron and preferred for pregnant or lactating female pets.

What you feed your pet matters and choosing quality proteins can make all the difference.