6 Tips for Halloween Safety

6 Tips for Halloween Safety 6 Tips for Halloween Safety
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Halloween is just around the corner, and you might want to include your pet as you get into the spooky spirit. While costumes and Halloween treats sound harmless, they aren’t always the best option for your pet, and trick-or-treaters might turn your brave tom into a total scaredy cat. Here’s how to keep Halloween fun and safe for your furry little monster.

Give Your Pet A Safe Space

Unfamiliar sights, decorations, Halloween costumes, and trick-or-treaters can be distressing for pets. Try not to spook them more than necessary, and make them comfortable in a room they feel safe in, far away from ringing doorbells (and scary costumes). A pet crate and a comforting bed can be a great place for your pet to take shelter while witches and goblins roam your neighborhood.

Bring Them Indoors

We like to think that everyone loves animals as much as we do, but that unfortunately isn’t always the case. Tricksters are out on Halloween, and it is safest for your pet to be kept indoors – unless you are there to supervise them.

Collars, Tags, Microchips

When the horde of trick-or-treaters arrives, your pet might make a run for it due to stress. Make sure they are easily identifiable with a collar, tag, and microchip so you can get them home safely.

No Tricky Treats

We all know that chocolate can be harmful to dogs and cats, but other candies can be, too. For example, artificial sweeteners are often poisonous for pets. Give them only species-appropriate treats instead, like Primal Jerky Beef Nibs.

Costume Considerations

Pets are adorable in Halloween costumes, but if you’re going to put your pet in one, make sure your pet is comfortable. If they’re not a fan of their spooky getup, they’ll probably be chewing on it, lying stiffly, or moving awkwardly. If they do want to wear it, ensure that their breathing and movement isn’t inhibited by the costume.

Keep Decorations Out of Reach

Pumpkins with candles and electrical decorations with wires can be dangerous for your pet – and your home. Keep wires and lit candles out of reach in case of any wild tail wagging or a curious cat.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!