A Feast for Luna & Leo:
How to prepare a 4-course Thanksgiving meal for your pets

A Feast for Luna & Leo:How to prepare a 4-course Thanksgiving meal for your pets A Feast for Luna & Leo:How to prepare a 4-course Thanksgiving meal for your pets
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Holiday meals are typically large, mouthwatering affairs with a huge assortment of dishes, both savory and sweet. Inevitably, there are leftovers including turkey, ham, casseroles, stuffing, and so much more. Given the loving and food-focused nature of the holidays, it can be very tempting to let your pet chow down on whatever’s left after the meal. Unfortunately, many of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes contain ingredients that are either unsafe for your pet or devoid of the nutrition that they need.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared some Primal-approved alternatives for each course of your family’s holiday meal. So, if you’re looking to include your furry friend in on the holiday feeding, while also keeping their tummy happy and their bodies energized, then try these safe and nourishing substitutes for a full-on holiday dinner!



The first course of most holiday meals is filled with yeast rolls, small salads, and servings of traditional cranberry sauce. Yeast rolls, however, are very difficult for your dog to digest, and cranberry sauce is packed full of more sugar than is recommended for your pup.

What’s the Primal option? A bowl of Bone Broth can be a great way to warm up your pet’s belly, providing them with necessary hydration and supplementing their joint health. To add a decorative holiday flourish to your broth, you can garnish it with parsley or catnip.



The second course of your Thanksgiving or holiday meal is often made up of dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Unfortunately, mashed potatoes often contain garlic and dairy, which can be damaging to your pet’s digestion, and stuffing is filled with the same yeast dough that makes dinner rolls a doggie no-no. Green beans are great for your pooch, but the onions and cream-based soups that make the vegetables into a casserole are not pet-friendly.

What’s the Primal option? Our entire line of Edible Elixirs is designed to provide specially-formulated whole food supplements for your pets. Our Winter Squash Puree even features seasonally-appropriate flavors, such as butternut squash!



The main dish of many holiday meals is turkey, followed closely by ham and assorted vegetarian alternatives. While turkey meat is definitely something we suggest for your pet’s diet, cooked turkey loses many of the nutrients and active enzymes that are beneficial for your pup. What’s more, cooked meat bones are typically smaller and softer, making them a greater choking hazard.

What’s the Primal option? Start with either our complete canine Turkey & Sardine Formula or our complete feline Turkey Formula. Both utilize pasture-raised turkey and are available in frozen and freeze-dried formats. For the most user-friendly version of this flavor, you can try our quick-thaw, scoop-and-serve Pronto formula. If you’re searching for something that looks more like your traditional turkey, some of our raw meaty bones are Primal-quality turkey necks.



There are many different types of holiday desserts, including favorites such as apple pie, pumpkin pie, or pecan pie. Unfortunately, most traditional versions of these pies have way too much sugar and too many grains to be friendly to your pet’s tummy. On top of that, most holiday pie recipes include standard cinnamon, as opposed to ceylon cinnamon, which is the only cinnamon agreeable and beneficial for canines.

What’s the Primal option? Primal Goat Milk makes the perfect “Dog Nog” follow-up to a holiday meal. Our cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and great for your pet’s digestive health. Dress it up a bit by adding your favorite Primal Treats. Any of our Jerky nibs make a great choice to add on top! However, if you’re looking for something more akin to a traditional pie, check back with our blog in December when you show you how to make a healthy holiday pie for your pets using Primal’s products!