A Little of This, A Little of That:
Tips To Boost Your Pet’s Kibble

A Little of This, A Little of That:Tips To Boost Your Pet’s Kibble A Little of This, A Little of That:Tips To Boost Your Pet’s Kibble
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As a pet owner, you know that mealtime is an exciting time of day for your little furball. The sound of kibble hitting the bowl is enough to perk up their ears and create a stampede to the kitchen where a meal is being prepared. For a few extra tail wags at mealtime from your pet, read on for these simple kibble-boosting tips! 

Slow and Steady

It’s important to remember to take it slow when adding fresh food to your pet’s diet. If you’re adding raw food to a dog or cat’s meal, you’ll want to introduce it to their current meals in small increments over time. It gives your pets a chance to try new things and discover what they like—without upsetting their digestive system in the process.

“Topping” Off Their Bowl

One way to add fresh, wholesome foods to kibble is by using Fresh Toppers. With a spoonful of Awesome Squash,Power Greens, or Omega Mussels, you’re not just adding a boost of flavor to your pet’s kibble, you’re also adding whole foods that are known to support immunity, digestion, or joint health! 

Primal Raw Toppers also give you plenty of options for adding flavor and nutrients to your pet’s kibble. Our Butcher’s Blend variety contains high-quality proteins from farms and ranches that ethically raise and humanely source meats for consumption. Our Market Mix variety offers the same protein benefits, with additional nutrients from a mixture of Certified Organic produce!

A Splash of Hydration

For pets, a large portion of their moisture intake should come from their food—not just their water bowl. Most kibble diets only provide 6-10% moisture, however, which can lead to chronic dehydration in our furry friends. Fortunately, we developed some easy-to-use hydrators to help you keep your pet happy & hydrated!

Dubbed the “universal milk” due to its easily digestible nature, Primal Goat Milk not only provides hydration but also whole-food nutrition to boost digestion, immunity, and vitality in our pets. Primal Bone Broth is an additional hydration option that can offer your pets a boost of joint and digestive support, plus nutrients that promote healthy skin and coats! 

To serve, simply pour Bone Broth or Goat Milk (or both!) over their kibble to create a bowl of nutrient-rich puppy cereal! 

No matter if you’re trying Fresh Toppers, Raw Toppers, or Hydrators, these fresh-food options are sure to enhance your pet’s mealtime. If you’d like to explore other ways you can boost your pet’s kibble, test-drive our interactive Bowl Builder to customize your dog or cat’s meal!