Better Together:
3 Advantages to Raw Diets That Include Both Meat & Whole Foods

Better Together: 3 Advantages to Raw Diets That Include Both Meat & Whole Foods Better Together: 3 Advantages to Raw Diets That Include Both Meat & Whole Foods
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You may already know that all Primal formulas start with the highest-quality, human-edible proteins. But, even premium meats, game, and poultry can only get you so far nutritionally when it comes to creating a complete diet for pets. To ensure complete nutrition for dogs and cats, we’ll then turn to essential vitamins, minerals, and unrefined supplements that come from plant fibers, organic fruits, whole seeds, and Omega oils.

We believe our complete formulas set the industry standard for balanced nutrition, and we want all pet parents to know exactly how we got there! Read on for the 3 major advantages to Primal’s diverse diet, centered around premium protein with help from organic whole fruits and vegetables:

All our vitamins and minerals come from natural ingredients.

Primal sources all of your pet’s necessary vitamins from both high-quality animal products and USDA Organic produce, meaning their vitamin profile is incredibly diverse and more inclined to be absorbed and utilized by their body. In fact, all Primal formulas are AAFCO-approved, “complete and balanced” diets, thanks in large part to our carefully crafted combinations of both animal meat and whole foods. By taking this approach, Primal is able to provide a fully balanced, biologically-appropriate diet for your pet without adding anything synthetic or artificial!

Fruits & vegetables are a key component to digestive health.

There’s an adage in the pet industry: “dogs and cats eat vegetables for stool, not fuel.” And, that’s not too far from the truth! Over 95% of the calories in Primal formulas come from animal protein or fat. High-quality animal products are the backbone of both our nuggets and our Pronto formulas. That being said, the addition of fruits and vegetables not only fills in the gaps on nutrition, but it also provides appropriate plant fibers that can aid in digestion and support your pet’s colon—fibers that would otherwise be missing from their feeding routine. These fibers feed powerful bacteria in your pet’s gut, which can help turn tougher-to-digest whole foods into short-chain fatty acids to keep their energy levels up!


Diverse diets provide antioxidants and phytonutrients not available in meat.

Whole fruits and vegetables are bursting with antioxidants—powerful substances that fight free radicals, which have been linked to all sorts of wear and tear on the body. On top of that, fruits and vegetables are also your pet’s exclusive source for phytonutrients, natural chemicals produced by plants that are known to fight toxins, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy intercellular communication.

Unleash the power of nutrient-dense superfoods into your pet’s daily diet!

Curious about the complete Primal formulas that contain all this goodness? You can learn more about our complete formulas for dogs and cats here, or search for a local store that stocks Primal products!