Anchovies: The Tiny Fish Providing Big Benefits To Pets

Anchovies: The Tiny Fish Providing Big Benefits To Pets Anchovies: The Tiny Fish Providing Big Benefits To Pets
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There’s a lot of things to consider when choosing fresh, wholesome meals for your dog or cat. You might be wondering if they are getting adequate protein and vegetables, or even sufficient moisture from their kibble. But, have you ever wondered if your four-legged friends are getting enough fatty acids in their diets? At Primal Pet Foods, we use fish oil from anchovies to give your pet’s bowl a boost of nutrient-rich essential fatty acids.

Wild-Caught and Cold-Pressed

The anchovies we use in our formulas are wild-caught & sustainably fished. Then, they are cold-pressed so the oil doesn’t break down during extraction—giving your pet the highest amount of nutrients available from fish oil!  Once pressed, the oil goes through a rigorous heavy metal testing process from a 3rd party vendor to guarantee that our fish ingredients are free of mercury and lead.

The Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil, especially from anchovies, is incredibly rich in Omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which support the overall health of our pets. These nutrients have been known to improve the heart, joints, and even the skin and coats of our four-legged friends!

  • Heart Health

    Heart Health

    Vitamin B-12 found in anchovies can promote overall cardiovascular function.  Omega 3 fatty acids of DHA and EPA, fish oil can lower cholesterol in our pets. Combined with B12 vitamins in Primal formulas, these omegas can support overall heart health in our pets!

  • Fat Burning Properties

    Fat Burning Properties

    Most Primal Formulas contain proteins and amino acids that can assist in muscle growth. Combined with the presence of DHA and EPA of fish oil, cells are activated to burn fat in our pets and keep them lean! These same amino acids, plus DHA and EPA, can also help activate cells that burn fat in your pet’s body!

  • Stronger Joints and Bones

    Stronger Joints and Bones

    Aside from Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil from anchovies contains Vitamin D and can strengthen bones and improve joint health. Foods with a high level of fish oil have also been known to alleviate pain and swelling associated with arthritis in our pets. 

  • Skin and Coat

    Softer Coats

    Fish oil is a great supplement to keep your pet’s coat smooth and skin from drying out. The next time your dog or cat appears to be itchy, try incorporating foods with fish oil into their diet!

Most people think about anchovies as a topping for pizza. But, these small fish come with an abundance of health benefits that can be a big boost to any pet’s meal, giving our companions a happier, healthier life.